The Orchestra Department focuses on the string instruments. Students receive instruction in orchestral, chamber, solo, and collaborative musical performance as well as musicianship and musicology. Students study ear training, sight-reading, music theory, and musicianship, and perform in a variety of ensembles including full orchestra, chamber orchestra, concert orchestra, mariachi ensemble, Middle Eastern ensemble, and other groups. 

Orchestra is looking for students willing to build their skills through an investment of time and energy, whether they have been playing for two years or ten years. Ideal candidates have a passion for music and seek to surround themselves with colleagues who inspire them to reach new heights of academic, musical and personal success.

Audition Instructions


  • Play major scales up to three sharps or three flats, two octaves
  • Perform a solo that represents your highest level of technical achievement. This may be a classical piece, a folk song, jazz, pop or an original composition
  • Sight-read a small excerpt from a piece of music

Students will be evaluated on the Orchestra audition and enthusiasm for this field.  Evaluation criteria is based on California State Visual and Performing Arts standards.

Orchestra Artists