Return to In-Person Placement Packet and Forms

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Families with students returning to in-person learning will see their Spring Placement Letter in the “Documents” tab of ParentVUE. The Spring Placement Letter indicates your student’s start date and time. Please follow up with your school for more details.

Families will also need to complete the following documents through ParentVUE or in person:


  • Acknowledgement Forms. You will see these forms immediately upon logging in:

    • Risk Acknowledgement Form 

    • Prior Written Notice (for students receiving Special Education Services)

      Note: Clicking "yes" to these two forms in ParentVUE indicates that you have read and acknowledged the form. Clicking "yes" serves as your signature, and you do not need to mail these documents once completed in ParentVUE. For more information please visit

  • Emergency Card Form. If you are using a web browser, click “Online Forms.” If you are using the ParentVUE mobile app, click “Online Registration” and select the Emergency Card Form.

    You may upload the required immunizations, TB clearance, and physical exam if you have not completed this yet. To fill out the Emergency Card, please follow the instructions on

In Person (PDF/Paper)

If you can't complete these forms on ParentVUE, you can bring printed versions to your school on the first day. You can download these forms and additional information at If you need a form printed out and you do not have access to ParentVUE, please ask your school for a print copy on the first day.