After School - Sharks Until Dark

Program Description

We will have two bigger pods, and within each pod there will be two groups. One k-1, the other 2-5th.

Pod 1 will begin their afternoon at Moscone Park for Outdoor Education, and Pod 2 will begin at the Golden Gate Valley Library for Academic/Homework Support.

From 3:30-4:00pm the library will be sanitized, and students will swap locations. It is important to note that there will be NO pick up allowed between the 3:30-4:00pm Transition Time. Pod Pick Up will take place at the Library and at Moscone Park from 5:30-6pm.

When students are let out from school at 1:30pm, the SUD teachers will pick them up and they will walk to after school as a group. Parents do not need to pick their children up from school to bring them to after school.

SUD Outdoor Education aims to provide an enriching, educational, safe and fun environment for all students in our Sherman Community during these trying times. Students enrolled will be assigned to a pod with one of our outstanding SUD teachers. Drop off will be at a local park, and students will disperse into their consistent daily groups. Within these various groups, the enrichment focuses will remain similar, appropriate to the different grade levels. Our enrichments will be centered around all things nature and outdoor education based! Our teachers will be providing engaging lessons around STEM, arts, and recreational activities. All activities within program will follow strict guidelines to ensure the utmost safety for all students and staff involved. Some examples of activities your students may engage in include creating art with nature, hikes & nature observations, plant identification, outdoor yoga, entomology (study of insects and bug life cycles!) scavenger hunts and much more!

Program Details

Our Outdoor Education Program will run from 2pm-6 pm, Monday through Friday . Staggered drop-offs will begin at 2pm. We ask that all families who participate stick to the pick up and drop off times, and follow all guidelines that will be outlined in the handbook you will receive upon enrollment. Along with nature-based education, we will also ensure that groups are provided with time to receive any help with school work they may need. 

Based on family feedback, we will be opening a 2 day and 3 day option online. We must have enough students enrolled in these options in order to create exclusively 2 day and 3 day groups of students. If there are not enough students enrolled in these options, we may not be able to provide it. Due to all COVID related safety guidelines, we are not able to have students coming in and out of groups throughout the week. 


  • Full-Fee Paying: $250/week
  • Sliding Scale: Begins at $100/week
  • Free & Reduced Lunch/Scholarship: $50 for April-June
  • Right now we do NOT have a fee structure for fewer than 5-days a week. If you would like your student to attend specific days, please reach out. Please note that because we are working with a very limited budget, we are heavily reliant on parent fees to run program. However, that being said, students will never be turned away due to inability to pay. Please reach out to us if you need support with a payment plan.


Students attending in-person school can now participate in TWO out of school time extracurricular activities. SUD will be following the 3ft social distance guidelines in compliance with the CDC. Students and adults will be wearing face coverings at all times aside form eating and drinking. We are happy to provide masks if needed. This includes parent/guardians at pick-up times. Families are no longer required to quarantine after traveling outside of the Bay Area, however it is still an expectation for families to inform us of any travel plans. 

Because the guidelines are constantly changing, we will inform families of any updates as they come. 

All SUD staff have been fully vaccinated. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our COVID-19 safety standards.


Go Sharks!

-Ms Adria & the SUD Team-