Personalized Support Available for Seesaw and Google Classroom

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In collaboration with SFUSD, the SF Education Fund Circle the Schools team recruited numerous tech volunteers to provide one-on-one phone or video support to answer basic questions around Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Seesaw, ParentVUE, and Multipurpose Family Income Form (online through SchoolCafe).* 

This opportunity is available for both teachers and families, and they have volunteers that speak multiple languages (including Vietnamese, Spanish and Cantonese). 

 Sign-up for a 30 minute appointment at: Appointments are available.

*For more information about the Multipurpose Family Income Form, please go to this web page:


How-To Videos

In collaboration with the San Francisco Education Fund, NextRoll created how-to videos that show how to tackle common tech tasks using Google products. All of the videos have a live volunteer talking and walking you through each step to complete a particular task. Tasks include:

How to use Zoom
How to organize Gmail
How to use Google Calendar
How to compose an email on Gmail
How to link Google Docs
How to use the task function
How to organize and navigate Google Drive
How to write a resume & cover letter

Videos can be accessed here.