Social Studies Teachers and Courses


Ms. Goldstein

Ms. Goldtein

Bio: I have taught in SFUSD for 20 years, most at John O Connell, and more recently at Mission High. This is my first year at Thurgood, and I have enjoyed it so far. I am from Los Angeles originally, but left after high school, studying at UCSC, and then received my teaching credential at SF State. I originally went to UCSC for Marine Biology, but took one African American history class and was forever changed. I realized I had not learned very much in high school, and wanted to make sure history is taught in a way where everyone sees themselves and we understand the country and world more deeply. For fun, I love dancing, concerts, travelling, and the beach (especially whale watching and snorkeling). I am also obsessed with dogs, love cats too, and generally all animals. Social Justice is at the center of my life, and I hope that we work together to all get closer to a better world. Hablo español (mis padres son Argentinos).

Mr. Dulaney

Mr. Dulaney


Hello community! My name is Mr. Dulaney and I teach Ethnic Studies and People’s World History. This is my fifth year at TMAHS, and my Eighth year of teaching. I am a California native, originally from SoCal. I completed my undergrad at UC Riverside, and received my teaching credential from CSU Long Beach. I majored in Economics and have a passion for human behavior and numbers. Not only do I teach my courses but I also: tutor after school with the after school program, coach girls varsity flag football, work on the ILT, act as the building rep for UESF, co-advise BSU, and have written curriculum for SFUSD. Education is liberation, which is why we must all continue to learn until we achieve freedom (and after)! Yo se un pequeño español. En mi trabajo yo enseñe a todos estudiantes, pero prefiero inglés.


Mr. Rubio

Mr. Rubio


Mr. Rubio is teaching his fourth year at Marshall. Mr. Rubio studied History with a focus in History of the Americas at UC Santa Cruz. In his time at UC Santa Cruz, Mr. Rubio most enjoyed studying Latin American history and Spanish. Mr. Rubio earned his Masters in Teaching and teaching credential from UC Irvine. I am committed to teaching because I believe that every individual has a right to learn as a means of empowerment. Mr. Rubio loves to read and is always happy to talk about the current book. Mr. Rubio hails from sunny Southern California and enjoys riding his bike, going to the beach, and hanging out with his dog, Gus. 

El Sr. Rubio está enseñando su cuarto año en Marshall. El Sr. Rubio estudió Historia con un enfoque en Historia de las Américas en UC Santa Cruz. En su tiempo en la UC Santa Cruz, el Sr. Rubio disfrutó mucho estudiando la historia de América Latina y el español. El Sr. Rubio obtuvo su Maestría en Enseñanza y credencial de enseñanza de UC Irvine. Estoy comprometido con la what porque creo que toda persona tiene derecho a aprender como medio de empoderamiento. Al Sr. Rubio le encanta leer y siempre está feliz de hablar sobre el libro actual. El Sr. Rubio es oriundo del soleado sur de California y disfruta andar en bicicleta, ir a la playa y pasar el rato con su perro, Gus.

Mr. Stark

Mr. Stark

Bio: Bay Area native Jim Stark is in his twentieth year of teaching with this being his first year at Marshall High School.  After being discharged from the military, Mr. Stark enrolled at CSU Sacramento where he earned BA’s in History and Government as well as Teaching Credentials in Special Education (Mild/Moderate) and Social Science.  This year Mr. Stark will be teaching Newcomer United States History and Newcomer American Democracy. 

Ms. Fried

Bio: Ms. Fried has been teaching for seven years in New York City and San Francisco. At New York University, Ms. Fried studied Classics, translating texts such as the Odyssey from Ancient Greek into English and the Aeneid from Latin into English. After a short time in a PhD program, Ms. Fried discovered her passion for education and attended Columbia Teachers College obtaining a degree in Social Studies Education. Upon graduation she was a founding social studies teacher at a new high school in New York City where she taught Global History, Economics and Government, as well as serving as a post-secondary advisor. After moving to San Francisco, Ms. Fried taught 6th and 8th grade English at Roosevelt Middle School and led the Climate and Culture Tier I team. She is now thrilled to join the Marshall community and teach Newcomer Ethnic Studies and United States History. When not teaching Ms. Fried can be found taking a ballet class or practicing yoga.

Course Offerings

Thurgood Marshall offers a variety of social studies courses -- see below

Ethnic Studies

Ethnic studies is designed to give you both an introduction to the experiences of ethnic communities that are rarely represented in your textbooks, as well as a powerful way to understand race, ethnicity, nationality, and culture in the United States. It will equip you with a critical way to see the world and your place in it. In addition, we will learn about the history of various social movements and how people have fought for justice, including the establishment of ethnic studies programs in public schools and universities. This course will challenge you to apply what you have learned. In this class, you will be supported to discover and use your own power for the benefit of not only yourself but your community and the larger society.


People's World History

In People’s World History, you will learn histories and cultures in the WHOLE world. We will analyze how the stories about countries and peoples impact YOUR life. Often in the news, movies, (and probably past history classes), you learned a lot of history from EUROPE and the achievements of European people. That is NOT what we are doing in this class. In this class, we will study stories, events, and achievements of PEOPLE OF COLOR from around the world. We will study how race, class, gender and sexuality impact who has power in the world, and what YOU can do about it. 


United States History

US History is founded on the values of democracy and “freedom and justice for all.”  However, the power structures of the United States are created by land owning white men, who often use these systems to maintain their own power.  Throughout United States History different individuals and groups have fought for equal protection under the law.  Often textbooks and historians present the narrative of the United States as one naturally bending towards progress and equality for all.  As we explore the history of different racial, cultural, language, gender and religious groups we will explore and challenge this narrative.  This study will leave us with the ability to analyze the systems of power in the past and present in order to continue to advocate and advance the rights and political power of marginalized groups.  In the civic traditions of the United States we will read documents that present differing opinions and perspectives, write to inform and persuade, and engage in debate and dialogue.



In economics we will learn to manage our personal finances and the role of the government in shaping how private businesses function.  We will become economics, the people who ask questions like: HHow can we make things in different ways ? How should resources be allocated? How can we maintain economic growth? In this class we will investigate, observe, question, debate, and draw our own conclusions about the events and decisions that have shaped our households, local communities, and federal government. Through our study of economics we will become thoughtful household managers, engaged entrepreneurs, critical media consumers and informed voters in our democratic society. Through the participation in individual and group projects you will develop college and career readiness skills.


American Government

This class will prepare you to be responsible and engaged, and will strengthen your analytical and critical thinking skills to ensure you are prepared for future study in the field of social science. In this class, we will examine ways our government and economy have been shaped. We will engage in historical debates that have led to evolution of both of these systems. We will explore contemporary questions through current events, news media and entrepreneurship case studies. This class will start the process of preparing you to become a political scientist; the people who work to answer questions like – Who holds power? What is the role of the government? Through our study of American government we will learn to become thoughtful and informed citizens of a democracy.

Newcomer Academy

All courses are offered in the newcomer academy. Students are in the newcomer academy to learn English.  This is an exciting and challenging task.  There will be times learning English will be challenging and overwhelming.  Everyday in class, students will practice speaking academic English, pronouncing English words, and responding in English to our peers.  We will also work on building and expanding sentences as well as reading and understanding academic texts in English.  Learning English will be challenging, but we are committed to helping our students succeed.