UPDATE: Student Participation and Engagement Expectations

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In the spring, students received credit or no credit for the semester rather than grades. At that time, SFUSD recognized that students and families needed time to adjust to the new reality that the pandemic put upon us, and our expectations for student participation and engagement were lowered. 

While this school year is still very unprecedented, our expectations for student participation and engagement have returned to pre-COVID levels. Students will be receiving letter grades this semester that will be based on their mastery of academic content. It is critical that you / your student(s) attend ALL Zoom classes and complete assignments in Google Classroom. 

  • Our first marking period ends on Friday, September 25th. At this time, students will receive grades for the first 6 weeks of school.  
  • We want to be honest: as a community we need to improve our participation and engagement. Right now, too many students are missing Zoom classes and/or not submitting their assignments in Google Classroom. Please reflect on your work and talk with your student(s). Hold yourself accountable to attend class everyday and to completing your assignments in Google Classroom. 

Click on the link below for more information and details on completing assignments and daily expectations for students