Silent Empowerment Time

Silent Empowerment Time (SET)

Silent Empowerment Time (SET) is the time of the day when Visitacion Valley Middle School students take a step away from stress and drama to breathe and meditate.  Please select any of the questions below to learn more about SET:

Why meditate? (Part 1)

Meditation increases the following:

  • Happiness
  • Focus
  • Readiness to Learn
  • Brain Development

Why meditate? (Part 2)

Meditation decreases the following:

  • Stress
  • Depression

What are some time considerations for SET?

  • SET is everyday, once a day for 15 mins in this classroom. 
  • Please be here on time after 1st period.
  • No bathroom passes during SET.
  • 1st bell (12 mins) - SET starts. Close your eyes and begin the process of meditation.  
  • 2nd bell (3 mins) - Cool down. You can put your head down.
  • 3rd bell - SET ends. Open your eyes.


What are the expectations for SET?

  1. Enter silently.
  2. Sit down and clear desks.
  3. Face Forward.
  4. Sit up, no heads down on desks.
  5. Eyes Closed
  6. No Noise

What are the grades for SET?

  • 2 points - eyes closed, silent, sitting up most of the time
  • 1 point - silent, eyes open or head down.
  • 0 point - disrupting and interacting with other students

The teacher will monitor and grade you every day. This will become 15% of your P.E. grade.

Is meditation mandatory?

Meditation is not mandatory during SET.  But staying quiet during SET is mandatory so that other students can meditate.  Most students do meditate during SET because of all the benefits that are mentioned above!

What is one way a teacher might run SET via Zoom?


Staff, in a Zoom meeting:

  1. Staff might invite students to lower the brightness on their computers or face away from the screen, while they keeping their headphones on.

  2. Staff will "Share Your Screen."

  3. Staff will then press "More."

  4. Staff will enable "Share your computer sound," so that students can hear the bells.

  5. Staff will make sure YouTube ads from the video do not play. Or they will just play the video before the meeting.

Note: For a 12 minute meditation with three minutes of cool-down, let the first bell ring in the video. Then skip three minutes of the video.

Also, the second bell will ring at 15:01 of the video.

What did Kobe Bryant say about meditation?

Kobe Bryant at 2:30 of this video says "I meditate everyday. I do it in the mornings and I do it for about 10-15 minutes. I think it's important because it sets me up for the rest of the day. It helps me."