How to Apply

1. Prepare your documents 

Families applying for TK or kindergarten and families who are new to SFUSD should gather the following documents and be prepared to submit them with their application. For current SFUSD parents/guardians who haven’t changed their home address, only photo identification is required. If the home address has changed, parents/guardians must provide one proof of address and photo identification.

Acceptable Proofs of Home Address:

Proofs of home address must be original and include the name and address of the parent or guardian.

  • Utility service contract, statement or payment receipts; from agencies such as PG&E, water, cable, or garbage within 45 days (no cell phone bills or bank statements will be accepted)
  • Both automobile registration and auto insurance policy (declarations page), must be current (count as one proof)
  • Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, must be current
  • Property tax statement, must be current assessment year.
  • Correspondence from a government agency within 45 days
  • Grant deed, title of property
  • Rental property contract, lease, or payment receipts within 45 days
  • Section 8 agreements, must be current
  • Affidavit of residency executed by the parent or legal guardian of a pupil
  • Pay stubs, within 45 days
  • Voter registration, must be current

    Sorry, we cannot accept cell phone bills or bank statements as proof of address.

    2. Complete the application

    You can download and print the application. Please complete all sections of the application. Incomplete applications cannot be processed as on time. Remember to sign the application to verify that the information provided is accurate. Applications should list the schools and programs where your child wants to enroll in order of preference. Students can request any SFUSD school within their grade level. There is no limit to the number of schools that students can request. If you have more than 15 school requests, please attach an Additional School Choices Form.

    3. Submit the application

    Submit your application at the Education Placement Center if you are: 

    • a student who is new to SFUSD.
    • a current SFUSD student applying for a non-transitional grade, meaning grades 1-5, 7-8 or 10-12.
    • a current SFUSD student applying for a transfer to another school within SFUSD.
    • Additional Application Collection Sites

    Submit your application at the SFUSD school if you are:

    • a student applying for Kindergarten and having an older sibling who is currently attending an SFUSD elementary school, submit your application at your older sibling's elementary school.
    • a current SFUSD student applying for a transitional grade, meaning grades 6 or 9, submit your application at your current elementary or middle school.

    4. Schedule language assessments if needed 

    Students who speak a language other than English and list a Dual Language Pathway as a school choice may be assessed for their current language skills to evaluate their proficiency in the pathway language. Students who list only English on the Home Language Survey may also be assessed if requested by parent. Language assessments can be scheduled at the time of application submission. Parents/guardians should submit their child’s enrollment application early to complete the necessary language assessments. More information on assessments can be found in English Learners: How to Apply.

    Teacher helping elementary school student with class work

    Need help?

    Come to the Educational Placement Center to speak with a counselor if you need help with your application.

    555 Franklin Street, Room 100
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Phone: 415-241-6085
    Fax: 415-241-6087