Apply for 10-12 the grade Lowell

Applying for 10-12th grade Lowell

The Lowell application process for grades 10-12 for the 2020-21 school year begins May 11, 2020. Applications will be available at the bottom of this page, at the Educational PlacementCenter (EPC), all SFUSD high schools and on our Application Forms web page. The application must be submitted in person to EPC by the student’s parent/guardian between May 11 and June 26, 2020. Applications submitted after the June 26, 2020 deadline, or those received by mail or fax, will not be considered.

To qualify for Lowell admission in grades 10-12, students must take four of the five academic subjects for each semester of high school – English, Laboratory Sciences, Social Studies, Mathematics and Foreign Language – and have the classes listed in their official transcript. No more than one course from each of the five academic subject areas will be considered. Courses completed in summer school are not acceptable.

Current SFUSD students do not need to submit transcripts. Students who attend school outside of SFUSD or attend an SFUSD charter school must submit their official transcripts to the EPC by July 3, 2020. Transcripts can be submitted separately from the application by the July 3, 2020 deadline. Transcripts must arrive sealed to be considered official and may be mailed or emailed directly from the applicant’s current school.

Availability for grades 10-12 depends on the number of available seats at Lowell. Students who meet eligibility requirements for admission will be sent an assignment offer to Lowell no later than July 24, 2020. There is no wait pool for admission.

Application Form for Grades 10-12:

  • Available in May 2020