Enrolling Transfer Students

Living in San Francisco and applying to another district

Parents/guardians must submit an interdistrict permit to the Educational Placement Center (EPC) if he/she lives in San Francisco and wants their child to attend a public school outside of San Francisco. Verification of the San Francisco home address is required. Students receiving Special Education Services must also submit a copy of their Individualized Educational Plan.

Interdistrict applications are reviewed weekly and forwarded to the requested district. Final approval is made by the requested district. Interdistrict permits must be applied for annually.

Living outside San Francisco and applying to SFUSD

Students who do not live in San Francisco but want to apply for an SFUSD school should enroll in the school district where they live as a precaution in case they are not assigned to an SFUSD school. SFUSD grants interdistrict transfers if seats are available.

Students living outside San Francisco applying for interdistrict transfer permits will not be assigned an SFUSD school through the regular student assignment process. Instead, the EPC will begin reviewing requests five weeks before school starts. School assignment offers will first be made to students living in San Francisco.

Applying for interdistrict transfer permits

Students living outside of San Francisco who want to attend a SFUSD school must apply for an interdistrict transfer permit from the school district where they live. If the student’s district of residence approves the permit, it will be forwarded to the SFUSD EPC for approval. Students must submit a SFUSD enrollment application with their out-of-district address, and the documents needed for SFUSD enrollment.

Students who need special education services and want to attend a SFUSD school must have their interdistrict transfer applications approved by the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) Director or the Assistant Superintendent of Special Education Services before students will be placed in a school.

Interdistrict permits must be renewed for students each school year. Students also must maintain satisfactory standards of academic progress, behavior and attendance for interdistrict transfers. School assignments are made in the order that the applications are received.

Approving interdistrict transfers

Interdistrict transfer requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis. SFUSD reserves the right to limit the number of incoming students and establish priorities according to types of requests.

Interdistrict transfers will not be granted for high-demand schools, which are schools filled to capacity at the end of the first placement period. The requests also are not granted for Lowell High School and Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts.

Potential reasons for interdistrict transfer permit approvals

Students who are victims of bullying at the school district where they live will have priority for interdistrict transfers under any existing interdistrict transfer agreements the student has, or will be given additional consideration for an interdistrict transfer agreement.

  • To meet the child care needs of the student
  • Because the parent/guardian is employed in San Francisco
  • Because the student has a sibling attending school in the requested district
  • To allow students to complete a school year if their parents/guardians moved out of the SFUSD boundaries during the school year
  • When there is a valid interest in a particular educational program not offered in the school district where the student lives

Please refer to Application Forms section for interdistrict permit form