Attendance Matters

You belong here! Let's show up for each other.

Every day counts for learning, and for building the relationships with teachers and friends that support long-term academic progress. Research shows that measurements of academic success–reading and math attainment, test scores, college enrollment rates–go up when students are in school on a regular basis.
Learn simple ways to help your student build good attendance habits this school year–and how SFUSD and the staff at your school are ready to provide support and connect you with resources.

SFUSD would like to thank Attendance Works for sharing research, resources and best practices.

Additional Attendance Resources

For other questions about attendance or anything else in SFUSD, the Student & Family Handbook is a great resource.

And be sure to bookmark contact information for the Student Family School Resource Link, which provides support in navigating SFUSD resources. You can send an email to, call 415-340-1716, or complete the online form at

This page was last updated on December 1, 2023