Digital Learning

SFUSD remains committed to assisting all students in need of technology and will continue to work diligently to ensure all students remain engaged as we begin distance learning in August. Spring device and internet connectivity distribution focused on students in grades 3-12.  We are committed to increasing access to include students in grades PK-2. 

Digital  learning in SFUSD takes place online through a learning management system.  A Learning Management System (LMS) is an application used as an online learning classroom or hub. It is where teachers  can post and receive assignments, provide ongoing feedback to students, and communicate learning back to families. Seesaw is SFUSD’s official LMS for grades PK-2, while Google Classroom is our LMS for grades 3-12. 

Virtual interactions with students require a strong understanding of digital agency and thoughtful consideration of how to best meet students’ learning needs. The Guide to Virtual Meetings with Students contains digital agency, norms for online learning resources, as well as information on selecting the best tool for virtual meetings with students. 

In addition to accessing learning through management systems like Seesaw, Google, and Zoom, the SFUSD Digital Backpack is a collection of district-approved tools that have been vetted for safety and privacy. Backpacks are personalized for each student based on their school and grade. Everything is accessed from using a district-provided Google email account - students need only to click the “Log in with Google” button using the student’s SFUSD Google ID and password (or K-2 students can use scannable badges to log in). SFUSD Google accounts and badges are accessible through SFUSD’s Family Portal, ParentVue, and Student Portal, StudentVue.