Grading and Assessing Learning

SFUSD will leverage a broad range of assessments to provide educators with valuable information that can be used to build relationships with and support students on their learning journey throughout the school year. Formal and informal assessments in English Language Arts, Math, and Social-Emotional Well-Being will be utilized to identify gaps that students may have developed due to prolonged school closure, regularly gauge student understanding/progress, and inform instruction and intervention strategies. There will continue to be ongoing, regular teacher feedback on student work to monitor and advance learning.

Educators regularly monitor student progress, reflect on distance instructional practices used in achieving intended outcomes, and use data to inform instruction and intervention. Written and/or oral feedback on student work is consistently provided to monitor and advance learning. Students are expected to complete assigned learning activities each day, showing proof of participation in daily virtual instruction by satisfactorily engaging with assigned learning activities and completing assignments.

Timely and regular feedback will be provided to students as well as families, who are critical partners in distance learning. Teachers will use existing district systems to measure academic progress, track student data and assign grades.