Early Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Early Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last updated August 28, 2020

What will be the tuition for the 2020-2021 school year?

Please see the 2020-21 Tuition Rates MemoAccess the 2020-21 Tuition Rates Memo in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog or Vietnamese.

What will the EED 2020-2021 school year look like with regard to childcare options, PreK and OST distance learning, tuition, and enrollment?

Please see the July 30, 2020 EED Communication to FamiliesAccess the EED Communication to Families in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog or Vietnamese.

How will the hard copy packets be distributed to families given social distancing and sheltering in place?

We plan to distribute paper packets and materials for families who may not have access to the online resources that the Early Education Department has created through Google classroom.

What is the plan to roll out digital support in the form of devices for PK & TK families?

Digital support and trouble shooting for PK & TK families is accessible through the EED Google Classroom resources.  Devices for PK and TK families are not available during this time by SFUSD.

How do we build and maintain community for families receiving services through the Early Education Department (EED)?

We maintain community with our parents/caregivers through a scheduled phone call, an email, even sending a note through ‘snail mail’ to let them know that we are here for them. Teachers will reach out to Family Support Specialists or Family Liaison at the school site to help make a plan to keep in contact with families during this time.

If I am making other arrangements and not enrolling my child this fall can I hold my child’s spot?

SFUSD will be providing instruction this fall through more synchronous (live online and TV) and asynchronous learning activities (learning packets, books, lessons, learning apps online). We encourage families to keep their child enrolled so they can access this instruction and keep their child connected with their school community and the learning opportunities provided.  

If families choose to not have their child participate in SFUSD distance learning this fall, the school district will not be able to hold their child’s school placement.