Fall Learning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fall Learning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last updated June 10, 2020

When will the 2020-21 school year begin?

Fall semester learning will begin on August 17, 2020.

When will school buildings reopen?

We recognize the urgency of reopening school buildings for our families and students, and are actively working to create and implement a plan that considers the best available expert guidance and input from all of our community, including our staff and our families.

What guidance is SFUSD consulting as it considers reopening schools?

SFUSD has joined with five Bay Area counties and public health officials and will continue to work closely with regional officials in determining when and how to reopen schools. 

As we develop reopening plans, we are using the best guidance available from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), along with several other evidence-based sources of guidance. This CDC school reopening flowchart poses some of the questions we will be asking ourselves and the actions we will seek to take. Both the California Department of Public Health and the California Department of Education have also released guidance for schools and school based programs. 

How is SFUSD approaching its plans for fall 2020?

The district is putting together a fall 2020 plan, which includes bringing together working groups, gathering input from community stakeholders and developing a plan for review by the Board of Education.

Many students will likely return with higher levels of need and districts will see exacerbated achievement gaps due to inequities in learning opportunities following sustained school closures due to COVID-19. Students will require a variety of supports to address emergent academic, health, and psychological needs.

We know there is going to be learning loss, meaning students may have slipped in their reading grade level and other essential building blocks to academic success. We want to be able to assess students and provide additional interventions if we are able given our projected budget constraints.


How will SFUSD update families and other stakeholders?

We know that SFUSD’s decisions about how we reopen schools have a big impact on all of our students, families, and staff. We will continue to seek your input and communicate with you throughout the summer. As decisions are made, we will let you know.

What will learning look like in the fall?

SFUSD has been engaged in teacher-led interactive distance learning for all PreK-12 students since mid-April. Learning in the fall could continue from a distance, it could return to in-person instruction, or it could be a combination of both.

What changes can students, families, and staff expect when school buildings reopen?

Based on public health guidance, schools will likely need to operate differently in terms of class configurations, passing periods, recess, lunch, etc. 

We may need new procedures for cleaning schools and access to a steady supply chain, in addition to the human resources needed to do this. 

In addition to facilities, we need to consider guidelines for sports, equipment cleaning protocols, and food distribution practices.