Learning Plans FAQs

Last updated November 18, 2020

Which students will be invited to attend in-person learning?

The first students who will be invited to return to in-person learning are PreK through 2nd graders, students enrolled in County schools and students enrolled in SDC classes who have moderate to severe learning disabilities. More grades and programs will follow.

Given limited seats for PK general education, how will students be identified for in-person learning?

In order to maintain the 14 student ratio, PK classrooms will have a limited number of seats. SFUSD's Early Education Department will follow Title 5 State mandates to prioritize seats for families who qualify based on need and eligibility. After those eligible students are registered for in-person seats, any remaining open seats will be offered to families who do not meet Title 5 criteria and have students who will be entering TK or Kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year.

Distance Learning will remain an option for any currently enrolled PK family.

How were the focal student groups selected?

In the spring and summer, SFUSD engaged diverse sets of stakeholders through working groups, town halls, and surveys to get input on which groups to prioritize for in person learning. Across all groups (families, teachers, school leaders, labor partners, etc), certain student groups were named as a priority for in person learning. 

We agreed that priority for in person schooling should be given to the students who are likely to struggle most with distance learning, including younger students and students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

When will I be notified with more details if my child will have the option to return to in-person learning?

SFUSD and your child’s school will be reaching out several weeks before any return to in-person learning. You will first receive a questionnaire to determine your interest, which will help staff with planning for the number of students who wish to return. After that, you will receive registration information including more details about your child’s school day, the date of return and health and safety and forms to return.

Do students who are invited to return to in person learning have a choice to stay in distance learning?

We will continue to deliver distance learning for families and students who prefer to stay in distance learning, and to those for whom we can't yet accommodate in-person learning.

How many students could be served in-person now?

We are looking at opening programs that will accommodate a little more than 10,000 students in this next phase.

Will students who return to in-person learning be able to go to their own school or will they be assigned somewhere else?

Our planning is guided by the value that students feel best in school communities they know and are familiar with so when planning return, our goal for all early education and elementary students is to offer in person learning at the school site in which they are enrolled with the teacher they know.

However, given the number of uncertainties regarding how many students will return to in person, the need for smaller class sizes and other factors, we cannot guarantee that every child will be able to return to their school site and have the same teacher. This is our hope and we will make every effort to do so.

My child is one of those in the groups identified for in-person learning. What can I do next?

By early December we will reach out to all families with students in this phase to share more details and understand the interest of families and students in our priority groups to participate in in-person learning. This is important to inform our next steps as planning is subject to enrollment, and we recognize not all students will choose to return to in-person learning.

Will those who don’t want to go back in distance learning keep the same learning structure as they do now?

Families will have a choice to stay in remote or return to in-person learning. The way remote learning looks may change depending on our labor agreements and the number of families who select either option.

Which schools are in Wave 1?

The following schools* are in Wave 1:

Early Education

  • Zaida T. Rodriguez EES
  • San Miguel EES
  • Commodore Stockton EES
  • Leola M. Havard EES
  • Noriega EES

Elementary Schools

  • Alvarado ES
  • Cobb ES
  • Glen Park ES
  • Lawton PK-8
  • Muir ES
  • Sunset ES

County Programs

  • Woodside

*Please understand that not all grade levels will be invited back at the same time for in-person learning at these schools.

Which schools are in Wave 2?

The following schools* are in Wave 2:

Early Education

  • Argonne EES
  • Jefferson EES
  • J. Serra Annex EES
  • McLaren EES
  • Presidio EES
  • Theresa Mahler EES

Elementary Schools

  • Alamo ES
  • Bryant ES
  • Chavez ES  
  • Drew ES
  • Grattan ES
  • Bret Harte ES
  • Huerta ES
  • FS Key ES
  • Starr King ES
  • Lafayette ES
  • McCoppin ES
  • Moscone ES
  • Ortega ES
  • Sanchez ES
  • Rosa Parks ES
  • Sheridan ES
  • Sunnyside ES
  • Yick Wo ES

County Programs

  • County Satellite
  • Civic Center

*Please understand that not all grade levels will be invited back at the same time for in-person learning at these schools.