In-Person/Hybrid Learning Safety Plans FAQs

Last updated November 18, 2020

How will we know that in-person learning is safe?

SFUSD is planning for in-person learning following the public health and safety guidelines for schools established by the SF Department of Public Health. 

All of our plans are subject to change in accordance with compliance with public health guidance. If the color code for the City changes to less or more restrictive, so may the plans for in person learning.

Do school facilities have proper ventilation?

We have a range of ventilation conditions in our schools and some facilities rely on HVAC systems more than others. Some have windows that open and some, by design, do not. There are annual walk-throughs of school facilities and an ongoing bond program to maintain our school facilities.

Does SFUSD have enough PPE (masks, soap, hand sanitizer, etc.)?

We have a PPE dashboard and are overall well supplied at this time.

Will you need a nurse at every school site?

When we open in hybrid, not every school will necessarily be open. While we will need staff to support a variety of health and safety measures, we do not need a school nurse at every site unless public health guidelines specify that we do.