Instruction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Instruction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated February 25, 2021

What is in-person instruction?

In-person instruction refers to instruction that will take place at school sites as they open gradually for small cohorts of students.


Will my student need to bring their device to school each day that they are in in-person instruction?

While in person, students with an SFUSD device should plan to bring their fully-charged device to and from school. SFUSD cannot guarantee that schools will have an on-site inventory for each attending student to have another device provided while at school. 

For PK–2 grades, students should bring their Clever badge to school each day. 

Students using a personal device at home should NOT bring that device to school. The school will provide a loaner device from the school’s existing inventory for use while at school.

My student needs a device for distance learning. What should I do?

If a student needs a device for distance learning at home, families can notify their school through the SFUSD online technology request process so that the school can assign a device out of the district-provided inventory following distribution procedures.

What is the difference between a co-located elementary school and a stand-alone early education site?

A stand-alone early education site enrolls only PK students. There are not other grade levels enrolled at the site. 

A co-located elementary school enrolls PK and other grade levels, such as TK-5.

I have a preschooler who attends a co-located elementary school. How many days of in-person instruction will my child have?

The district is working with the teachers union to define how many days and hours of in-person instruction will be offered. 

Family interest in returning to in-person instruction, instructional priorities and Board direction will drive the development of sample schedules for in-person learning. Scenario planning covers a number of topics to inform this decision: 

  • Site readiness assessments with a focus on ventilation and sanitation 
  • Responses to the family commitment survey around choice to participate in in-person learning 
  • Staffing configuration

What other materials will my student be provided for in-person instruction?

Elementary students have been provided with physical math workbooks, Let’s Learn supplemental Language Arts workbooks, trade and leveled books as well as supplies to do their work while at home during hybrid learning. Language Arts materials have been provided in Spanish for identified language learners and for students who speak Spanish at home. 

Print materials may travel between home and school during in-person learning. In addition, SFUSD is partnering with the San Francisco Public Library so students can have ongoing access to high quality trade books on an ongoing basis. Books from the public library will be available to students who participate in person. 

Will there be athletics, extracurricular or afterschool activities?

Due to guidelines regarding social distancing and stable cohorts, available space on school sites is limited. As a result, space will be prioritized for the instructional day and, consequently, athletics, in-person extracurricular activities, and before and after school programs will not be offered at this time. 

Each school returning to in-person learning will engage with their community based partners to determine what distance learning support can continue to be offered. 

  • Community based partners receiving ExCEL grants who are currently providing distance learning support may provide in-person support for recess and lunch as the grant and resources allow. The agencies at school sites that are not part of Phase 2A or 2B will continue to provide virtual support for distance learning. 
  • Out of School Time (OST) programs will continue to provide services virtually. 

The SFDPH and CDPH guidance does not currently allow competitive sports. When SFDPH and CDPH guidance allows for competitive sports to resume, SFUSD will assess whether we have the physical space and staffing resources available to resume athletics.