Meal Information Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Meal Information Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated February 2, 2021

What about lunch and meals at school? Will these change?

Meals will still be served and there will be changes to how they are served. 

Student Nutrition Services (SNS) has developed new serving protocols for breakfast, lunch and supper using mobile carts. Additionally, SNS will take advantage of the waivers granted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to serve all school meals for free to all students and eliminate the use of computerized point of sale accounting. Students, regardless of eligibility, do not need to bring any money for school meals. 

SNS is also planning for meals to be served in the classroom to maintain stable student cohorts during the school day. The following is to help ensure safety during meal times: 

  • Breakfast will be picked up by students as they enter the school building or at another designated location and consumed in the classroom. 
  • Lunch will be delivered directly to each classroom at a designated time using the mobile serving carts. 
  • Teachers/staff will support students to approach the meal cart one at a time and receive their meals from SNS staff. 
  • All meals and utensils will be pre-packaged, and fruit and milk will be optional. 
  • Students will touch only their own meals.

Will there be changes to supper and weekend meals?

Supper and weekend meals will still be provided. This is what to expect for these meals:

  • Cold or ready-to-heat suppers may be picked up daily as students leave to go home; utensils will not be provided. 
  • Weekend meals and/or meals for distance learning will be provided at the Grab & Go sites.

Will the Grab & Go Meals program change?

SNS will continue to provide and support the following services: 

  • Grab & Go Meals Distribution - The number of sites and locations will be determined based on Phase 2 enrollment. We will also need to determine if Grab-&-Go school sites in Wave 2 will stay open when Group 2 students return to in person learning. 
  • Door to Door Delivery Program - This program is set to expand in the new calendar year and will be impacted by which Group 1 students attend in person for both Wave 1 and Wave 2. 
  • SF Marin Food Bank Distribution Programs - As with Grab-&-Go Distribution locations, we will need to determine if sites in Wave 2 will stay open when students begin in-person learning. 

What about water fountains? Will these be available for my student to use?

Water fountains will be disabled, and students will be asked to bring water bottles to school and refill at water stations.

Can my student eat outside at school?

Outdoor eating is possible depending on space, food service equipment access, weather and outdoor shelter, air quality, etc. 

  • An eating area will be designated for each cohort, or will be sanitized between groups. 
  • Mealtimes will be staggered to maximize use of outdoor space and prevent mixing of cohorts. 
  • Students will maintain physical distance while waiting in line for meals.

My child was told not to share food at school because of safety. Is this true?

Yes, given health and safety concerns around the spread of COVID-19, students may not share food items. We know sharing is caring but at this time it is safest for students to not share food with others. We encourage students to share in other ways (a wave, an “air” hi-five, a hello) with each other.

What time will my child’s school start and end?

School start times and end times will be the same as the times used during the 2019-20 school year because adjustments at this time could increase the cost of transportation services. There will be no late starts or early outs.