In-Person Cohorts/Pods Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In-Person Cohorts/Pods Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can the schools and/or district make happen in terms of connecting parents together to organize in-person cohorts of children?

While schools are closed to in-person instruction, some parents and staff want to organize in-person cohorts (small groups of children who can be together in-person). 

School administrators officially returned to work on July 27. Teachers officially return to work on August 11. At this point the primary focus of district staff is to make sure distance learning happens in the best way possible, including  creating community and supporting families through distance learning. 

What district/school staff can do: 

  • Share information with families about non-profit resources available to support them with opportunities such as essential worker childcare sites.
  • Partner with family groups, such as PTAs and community based organizations, to support family to family connections. 
  • Consider ways, consistent with relevant policies and public health guidance, to support students and families with connecting virtually, which is the safest option at this time. 

What district/school staff cannot do: 

  • Help organize in-person cohorts/pods. 
  • Share contact information for families (emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc.). This information is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Use school facilities for any student activities at this time - there is a public health order in place that keeps schools from opening. SFUSD is preparing facilities for use when it is safe and legally possible to do so. 
  • Pursuant to Board Policy, teachers may not receive pay for outside work (such as tutoring) either (a) during their work day; or (b) for students who are enrolled in their school.

What do you recommend if I want an in-person option for my child before SFUSD is able to offer in-person?

There is a public health order in place that keeps schools from opening to in-person learning at this time. When safe to do so, SFUSD is planning for a gradual transition to hybrid (some in-person/some remote) for some student populations.

We recognize that each family and student has unique circumstances. Many families need child care options so they can work and are also seeking in-person connections for their children. 

SFUSD will: 

  • Continue to share information with families about support resources available through non-profit organizations and City agencies. 
  • Make the fall distance learning experience better for students and families, emphasizing more connection and deeper learning. Through teacher training, model lesson plans, family technology support, a focus on wellness and more, we’re preparing for improved distance learning for this fall.  
  • Lend a device to every preK-12 SFUSD student who needs one (please note it may take several weeks to get these to students).  
  • Support students who need it with internet access through a variety of means.

If I am making other arrangements and not enrolling my child this fall can I hold my child’s spot?

SFUSD will be providing instruction this fall through more synchronous (live online and TV) and asynchronous learning activities (learning packets, books, lessons, learning apps online). We encourage families to keep their child enrolled so they can access this instruction and keep their child connected with their school community and the learning opportunities provided.  

If families choose to not have their child participate in SFUSD distance learning this fall, the school district will not be able to hold their child’s school placement.