Transcripts, Student Records & Work Permits

Requesting Student Transcripts/Records

Due to the “Shelter in Place” orders from the City and County of San Francisco, the Transcripts, Records and Work Permits Office location at 20 Cook Street is now closed until at least April 7. Our staff will be working remotely to complete orders for transcripts and work permits. Please note staff may not have access to some records dated prior to 1990. We encourage you to send us requests via the google form below and we will notify you within 1-2 business days on the status / ability to complete your order. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. If you have additional questions please email 

  • Our office is waiving all fees for Official Transcripts / Records (except Diplomas) during this time, in order to help facilitate requests via email. 
  • Complete the online student records request Google Form
  • Email a picture of your photo ID
    • Be sure to include your name when you were enrolled in the body of the email.
  • We will process your requests in 1-2 business days 
    • Official Transcripts will be mailed out; we can not email Official Transcripts to individuals but can email or mail them directly to schools / agencies etc.

You can request the following records from the Transcript Office:

  • High school transcripts or proof of graduation
  • Middle school records or grades
  • Enrollment verification or Affidavit of Enrollment
  • Replacement diplomas (takes 5-6 weeks to receive)

Please allow 3 business days to process records prior to 1990.

For subpoena requests, contact Pupil Services at 415-241-3030.

For special education records, contact Special Education Department at 415-759-8792.


How to Request Transcripts/Student Records

The information included on high school transcripts, middle school transcript/grades, and enrollment records are confidential and protected by federal law. For this reason, we must have your permission in writing with your signature to release your records.

You can request records in person or by mailing in the student records request form (translations). If requesting by mail, please include a copy of valid photo identification with the completed request form.

In-person requests

Visit the Transcript Office at:

20 Cook St. Room 11
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415-750-4500 x1020
Fax: 415-751-0805

Hours of Operations: 9:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday

Requesting transcripts for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Find out more about how to request transcripts for DACA students.

How to Get a Work Permit

COVID-19 NOTICE: SFUSD Work Permit Office will remain open during this time. We encourage students, families, schools, and organizations to send us Work Permits via email


Work Permit Application and Instructions (click to download form)


To get a Work Permit, you must have all three of the below:

1. Completed Application "Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit"- including parent/guardian's signature, employer signature in the employer section, and social security number. 

2. Proof of Age- birth certificate, passport, OR California ID or Driver's License

3. Current Report Card 



You can submit the application in person or by email.

  • Applications may be emailed to
    • Applications must include all of the above information 
  • Students emailing the application my use student SFUSD email ONLY.
  • We do not accept work permits by mail.
  • Requests submitted without the required documentation above will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant

**For individual applications please allow 1-3 days to process

**For large group/organization applications please allow 2 weeks to process

Students must renew their work permit with a separate application at the beginning of each school year and each summer. Students must also have a separate work permit for each distinct job.

The following students do NOT need work permits:

  • Those who have graduated from high school, regardless of age
  • Those who have passed the California High School Proficiency Exam
  • Those who are 18 year of age or older