Celebrate Inclusive Schools All Year Long!

SFUSD Inclusive Schools Week Celebrations

This December SFUSD school sites across the district celebrated Inclusive Schools Week. Since the pandemic started we have been dealing with separation, isolation and loss.  This has been especially true for students with disabilities and their families.  While many of us were able to return to in person learning this fall, we are still in the process of teaching, learning, and supporting one another under ever changing circumstances.  This year, the theme for Inclusive Schools Week is “Rebuilding Our Inclusive Community Together.”  We have a unique opportunity to reimagine how we can direct our talent, time and energy to strengthen our commitment to inclusive education.  It is an exciting time for restoring and rebuilding a shared community of learners, educators and leaders.  

SFUSD has been celebrating Inclusive Schools Week during the first week in December since 2010, when Mayor Gavin Newsom issued this Mayoral Proclamation on Inclusive Schools Week. In 2013, the SFUSD Board of Education issued a resolution on Guiding Principles Regarding Inclusive Education Practices for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)

In keeping with the theme of rebuilding, this year's featured activity is building "Peace Corners", quiet, welcoming space where students can calm themselves. Check out this inspirational tutorial about How to Build a Peace Corner that includes calming activities and lesson plans for students. If you have a Peace Corner at your school, share pictures of it on social media with #peacecorner and tag sfusd on facebook, twitter or instagram.

Check out Gavin Newsom new book about Dyslexia, “Ben & Emma's Big Hit".

District Wide Inclusion Events

SFUSD's Online Inclusive Arts Showcase - Open to all SFUSD students. Submit student work by the end of Winter Break

This showcase is open to all students to share what rebuilding our inclusive community looks and feels like for them.  It can be related to their disability, gender, socio-economic status, cultural heritage, language preference or other unique trait they would like to share. 

Checkout last year's Inclusive Arts Showcase for inspiration.

The showcase will be displayed on a public website and will include multiple forms of media including photos, audio files and video clips.  Submissions are due by the end of Winter Break and can be sent via this Google Form.

IEP Myths and Facts, Session #2 of the Parent Education Institute - Wednesday, December 8th from 6-8pm. Sponsored by SFUSD ADR and Support for Families of Children with Disabilities

Tune in to get the real scoop about your rights related to your child's IEP. In this session we'll sort facts from fiction, advocate productively for your child, and address commonly misunderstood components of an IEP. (Flyer)

Date: December 8th

Time: 6-8pm

Register Here

About the Parent Education Institute (PEI): SFUSD’s Alternative Dispute Resolution program, in partnership with Support for Families with Children with Disabilities brings you a monthly series to further inclusion, understanding, and education for families of children in special education and to help them navigate conflicts.

SFUSD Inclusive Schools Week Virtual Special Olympics Assembly Thursday, December 9th from 9am-10am

SFUSD Inclusive Schools Week Virtual Special Olympics Assembly

As part of Inclusive Schools Week Dec 6-10 2021, SFUSD Physical Education and Special Olympics have teamed up with Thurgood Marshall Access to host a Special Olympics Athlete Speaker. The speaker will share their own personal journey, and talk about the importance of inclusion and equity.

The athlete speaker assembly will take place on December 10th from 9am-10am on Zoom.

This event is open for all age levels.

Please Register Here!


Young Adult Inclusion Panel - Thursday, December 9th from 6:30-7:30pm. Sponsored by Support for Families of Children with Disabilities and the SFUSD Community Advisory Committee for Special Education

Topic:  A panel of young adults with disabilities, including SFUSD alumni, staff and current SFUSD students, will share their thoughts about this year's inclusive schools week theme - "Rebuilding Our Inclusive Community Together" - focusing on reimagining and reconnecting with our communities. Reflecting on how the pandemic has affected their lives and their education. Panelists will discuss the strengths they have discovered within themselves and obstacles they have overcome as well as barriers those who are differently abled continue to face.  

Date: Thursday, December 9th

Time: 6:30-7:30pm

Register Here

For more information about the panel visit sfusd.edu/sped-isw or cacspedsf.com

Unified Fitness Virtual Workout with the 49ers - Monday, December 6th from 4-5pm sponsored by the Physical Education & Physical Activities Events and Special Olympics of Northern California (SONC)

Once again, the Physical Education & Physical Activity Department of SFUSD is partnering with Special Olympics of Northern California to celebrate National Inclusive Schools Week and hosting a virtual Unified Fitness event with the 49ers.

Check out the SFUSD Physical Education website to view inclusion activities and lesson plans as well as find out more information about Special Olympics of Northern California.



School Site Inclusion Ideas & Activities

Looking for ideas on what to do at your school? Check out the SFUSD Inclusion Resource Guide for lesson plans, activities and lots of resources or review the highlights of 2020 activities for inspiration.

Doing something special at your school site? Help us to promote the event and spread inclusion in SFUSD by SHARING YOUR PLANS HERE!

Log into our employee website for more Inclusion Resources for Staff

10 Easy Inclusive Schools Week Celebration Ideas

  1. Build a Peace Corner in your classroom or school yard. Create a quiet place for students to cool down and take a moment to regroup when they are feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Put up an inclusion bulletin board in your classroom or the school hallway. Hang up pictures of disability heroes or student work on the topic of inclusion.
  3. Talk about Inclusion and Inclusive Schools Week during morning circle and include various modes of communication. For example, use sign language, foreign languages, and augmentative communication supports (including photos, pictures, and assistive technology devices, etc.).
  4. Read Inclusive books with your students that represent all marginalized students.
  5. Extra Credit Assignment: Watch any of the district's virtual events: Unified Fitness 49er Workout, IEP Myths & Facts Workshop or Inclusion Panel Discussion and then write a reflection. 
  6. Encourage and help students submit work in the SFUSD Online Inclusive Arts Showcase. Checkout last year's Inclusive Arts Showcase for inspiration. Submissions are due Friday, December 10, 2021 and can be sent via this Google Form.
  7. Check out the Inclusive Schools Network or 30th Anniversary of the ADA celebration guides for resources and ideas for your school community.
  8. Do some of the Champions of Inclusion Activities from the Inclusive Schools Network.
  9. Join the “Spread the Word to End the R-Word” Initiative
  10. Visit ADA30 in Color - a series of original essays on the past, present, and future of disability rights and justice by disabled people of color. Published and edited by Alice Wong, of the Disability Visibility Project

Elementary School Activities

In our elementary schools, principals are kicking off the week by leading activities and discussions about Inclusion. Teachers, librarians and parents are also doing read alouds and talking about being accepting and proud of differences. School sites are also sharing and posting videos about inclusion and doing writing activities in their classes.

Suggested Activities:

  • Give students a strip of paper that says, "I feel included when" and then fill in their responses. (This could be done as a jamboard)
  • Read "A Bad Case of Stripes", this is a great book about peer pressure and provides lots of talking points about how everyone is different and how kids can accept each other's differences.
  • Read "It's Ok to be Different" from Todd Parr and then have kids create a virtual kindness wall, similar to what was done at Miraloma ES.
  • You Soup: understanding diversity and the intersections of identity. 
  • Read Aloud of "Just Ask" by Sonia Sotomayor
  • Discuss characteristics of what makes a good friend. Writing Prompt: I can be a good friend by ___________.
  • Read Aloud: We're Different, We're the Same and It's Okay to be Different by Todd Parr
  • Build a School Bus of Hands
  • Disability Awareness Treasure Hunt
  • Decorate classrooms with items that support academic development for all children;

Middle School Activities

In our middle schools there are Inclusive Schools Week Virtual Film Festival and learning experiences about difference and inclusion during Advisory. 

  • SEL Content/Journal: Basic info about Inclusion and a question about what inclusion means to the student.
  • Extra Credit Assignment: Watch the district's event Young Adult Discussion Panel on Inclusion and Intersectionality and write a reflection.
  • Watch videos about anti-disability slurs, write a reflection and take a pledge.
  • Watch Educating Peter and discuss
  • Review Slide about Disability Heroes and write about someone you know and admire who has a disability.
  • Read about the history of racial exclusion from San Francisco Public Schools and reflect on what it means for Denman to be inclusive.
  • Celebrate Ability Diversity: What is an unusual ability or talent you have?
  • Anti-bullying lessons in classes as well as Pride Awards for the week will be based on students who demonstrate inclusion in their classes… nominated by teachers and paras...
  • Students will participate in inclusion activities throughout the week using this inclusion slide deck
  • Advisory lesson on inclusiveness and differences, Beacon programming all week with activities about tolerance and differences, celebrate inclusive schools week on our website with a slide deck with activities for families


High School and Access Program Activities

During Inclusive Schools Week SFUSD high schools address best practices for supporting students with IEPs and 504s, ableism issues and education on disability awareness.

  • “Best Buddies” Clubs have planned “Instagram Takeovers” to promote inclusion.
  • Teachers held discussions on “The Art of Inclusion” recognizing a diverse group of disability mentors and advocates and talking about student experiences. 
  • Teacher-facing activities include guidance around students with IEP and 504's, support, ableism issues for student and educating on disabilities.
  • Marrietosh Richards, from Balboa High School recently shared this project from her students in her Special Day Classroom (M/S).
  • Host a Special Olympics Guest Speaker via Zoom
  • Extra Credit Assignment: Watch the district's event Young Adult Discussion Panel on Inclusion and Intersectionality and write a reflection.

Inclusion Articles and Resources

Inclusion Videos

 SFUSD Inclusion Bitmoji Classroom

Check out our Inclusion Bitmoji Classroom to learn more about Inclusive Schools Week, Special Education and Disability Heroes!

a bitmoji in a room with a large fish tank, a shelving unit, bean bag chairs, books and other resources.

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