Tech Makerspace

Tech Makerspace

"We want to shift our students from passive technology users to engaged technology makers." 

Frank McCoppin currently has a traditional “Computer Lab” classroom. Our students are trained in keyboarding and other computer basics. By augmenting the “Computer Lab” with practical technology learning tools we will expand the learning opportunities for our students.

Practical technology learning tools provide students with hands on experience in computing, electronics, and robotics. Our students will learn the fundamentals of coding, building circuits and robots. We want to build a project-driven collaborative learning place. We are calling it the Tech Makerspace. Our students live in the technological center of our world. They deserve the opportunity to learn about technology in a practical and empowering way.

The goal for this campaign is to fund the one time purchase of the technology tools that our students will use. In addition, FMES PTO is developing a long term strategy to fund after school enrichment and teacher professional development for sustained Makerspace instruction. 

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