Kaitlyn Kraybill-Voth

I love my work because it allows me to impart the joys to science, art, literacy, and math to my students. They end up learning that every subject is intricately connected in the real world. Students feel a real sense of pride and ownership in making those deep connections.

Kaitlyn Kraybill-Voth

-Everett Middle School science teacher

Calianne Sok

I love the numerous opportunities SFUSD strives to provide and how distinct they can all be. I believe they really allow for well-rounded students and future workers.

Calianne Sok

-Senior at George Washington High School, Summer intern at Culinary Artistas

Juan Sanchez

I like Burton because I feel like it's a really tight-knit community where everyone supports each other.

Juan Sanchez

-Senior at Phillip and Sala Burton High School, Summer Intern at Junior Giants

-Naroth Than, James Denman Middle School Head Counselor

I love connecting with families and students and supporting them in learning how to navigate the world and each other.

Naroth Than

-James Denman Middle School Head Counselor

-Angelica Bohall-Ortega, El Dorado Elementary Kindergarten teacher

I just love being with kids, being inspired by them. I love their curiosity and I love collaborating with other teachers and staff to help our kids learn and have fun while doing it.

Angelica Bohall-Ortega

-El Dorado Elementary Kindergarten teacher

-Wade King-Gallman, Wellness Coordinator at Phillip and Sala Burton High School

My favorite part about my job is seeing the wins. I think we have a population that is underserved. So just someone checking in on you and saying I see you, I care about you, I want you to win, all those things have really long standing outcomes that I think we don’t see in the moment but are huge wins. So when we celebrate that with the kids that’s the biggest win to me.

Wade King-Gallman

-Wellness Coordinator at Phillip and Sala Burton High School

Nicole Majors

I’ve wanted to teach since I was in high school. It’s something I’ve always loved doing. Getting to be part of the growth of these students is amazing. I love working with the kids and community at Glen Park.

Nicole Majors

-Glen Park Elementary special education teacher

Kimberly Long

I get emails and save all the cards that students have written to me. Building relationships builds community and makes society better and stronger.

Kimberly Long

-Special Education teacher at Glen Park Elementary

Theresa Bryant

I get to know the families and they love me and tell me I’m their auntie. I love working with the kids, they’re my life. They are our future. I could retire but I’m not going to retire. As long as babies are being born, I want to work with them.

Theresa Bryant

-Special Education Paraprofessional at Malcolm X Academy

Codion Isom Mr. C

My favorite thing about being a SFUSD teacher is the diversity. I get to meet with so many people and collaborate with so many people across the district. These students and families really remind me of myself when I was younger and that's what makes Malcolm X special.

Codion Isom

Kindergarten Teacher, Malcolm X Academy

Amy Matarazzo photo

I love teaching PE because the kids just run here. This is the best part of their day. You get to be the ambassador of fun and what’s so beautiful about teaching PE is it’s social-emotional, it’s physical, it’s cognitive. There’s so much that you can do to really access and develop those parts of a student's whole experience.

Amy Matarazzo

Physical Education Teacher, Miraloma Elementary School

Moyses Aguirre, 10th grader at Abraham Lincoln High School

I think saving the environment is important to our future and something I want to be involved in.

Moyses Aguirre

10th Grade, Abraham Lincoln High School

Marina Krauss, Naturalist at SFUSD Environmental Science Center

I really love seeing the ‘a-ha’ moments with the kids as they’re connecting things they’re learning or have seen before when I share knowledge about different plants and animals.

Marina Krauss

Naturalist, SFUSD Environmental Science Center

Megumi Matsuno, SFUSD Alum poses in front of Rosa Parks Elementary School

It’s always a trip down memory lane coming back to the schools, going into classrooms, and meeting with the teachers and staff.

Megumi Matsuno

SFUSD Alum (Rosa Parks Elementary, Presidio Middle, Washington High)

Andre Higginbotham and Nicole Warner, Teacher and Program Liaison for the Beginning Riders and Aspiring Professionals Program, June Jordan School for Equity

We’re trying to get kids out of their comfort zone and have some fun while staying safe.

Andre Higginbotham and Nicole Warner

Teacher and Program Liaison for the Beginning Riders and Aspiring Professionals Program, June Jordan School for Equity

Daniel Alvarez DeLeon, John O'Connell HS Class of 2023 Alum

Learning both Spanish and English helped me understand who I am as a Hispanic person born in the US, and it helped me grow more as a student.

Daniel Alvarez Deleon

Class of 2023 and State Seal of Biliteracy Earner, John O’Connell High School

Karen Tiu, Teacher on Special Assignment, Elementary Health Education, Student and Family Services Division

I help students teach each other about taking care of themselves and their wellness.

Karen Tiu

Teacher on Special Assignment, Elementary Health Education, Student and Family Services Division

Liam Meisel, Soccer Coach at James Lick Middle School

I grew up in the Mission and with the James Lick community, and there’s a big sense of pride that I’m able to give back to the community that helped raise me.

Liam Meisel

Soccer Coach, James Lick Middle School

Daniela Funes, counselor at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School

I appreciate the small community here at Thurgood Marshall and getting to know everyone really well. We are like a family and we all love each other.

Daniela Funes

Counselor, Thurgood Marshall Academic High School

Leonard Gant, 7th grade math teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

It’s important to me to be a Black male teacher in a school with lots of Black and Brown kids, so there’s a certain way I carry myself.

Leonard Gant

7th Grade Math Teacher, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

Brian Chang, PE teacher at Roosevelt Middle School

I love seeing the kids progress, get better at their skills, and find things to enjoy that will keep them physically active throughout their lifetimes.

Brian Chang

PE Teacher, Roosevelt Middle School

Benjamin Amezcua, 3rd grade Spanish dual immersion teacher at Monroe Elementary School

By setting an example of hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude, I hope to encourage my students to become the best versions of themselves and to pursue their passions with confidence and enthusiasm.

Benjamin Amezcua

3rd Grade Spanish Dual Immersion Teacher, Monroe Elementary School

Margaret Pai with her students’ artwork at the de Young at the 2023 Citywide Youth Arts Festival

I’ve had chance meetings with multiple former Hoover students, who as adults have told me how much they appreciated their middle school art classes and how it gave them an outlet to be creative and a way to express themselves.

Margaret Pai

Art Teacher, Herbert Hoover Middle School

Sydney Dow, a 4th grade teacher at George Washington Carver Elementary School

Having a community that stands up for you and really has your back has been the best part of being part of the village.

Sydney Dow

4th Grade Teacher, Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary School

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