COVID-19 Family Support and Services Frequently Asked Questions

Family Support and Services

Last updated Aug. 2, 2021

What social and emotional learning support will students receive during the transition back to in-person learning?

Schools will have support from school social workers, commnuity health workers and nurses. These and other staff at school sites comprise the coordinated care team and they will focus on ensuring these is support for students.

What kinds of resources (staffing, budget, etc) will be allocated to support social and emotional health and wellness?

There are training resources being provided to school social workers, community health outreach workers, nurses and educators to support students returning to school.

How will mental health be addressed at schools in the fall given this past year and the challenges and isolation all our students faced?

School-based coordinated care teams, comprised of social workers, nurses, and counselors will be available to support students . In addition, all teaching staff will be provided curriculum that emphasizes relationship building and wellness as student transition. Additionally, families are encouraged to access the resources available through California Hope, including mental health resources and a crisis counseling warm line at 855-845-7415.

This page was last updated on August 4, 2021