Day 2, Thursday July 27

Day 2: Morning Sessions

Morning Agenda: Instructional Leaders only

8:15 Breakfast


9:30 Keynote: Lacey Robinson, Unbound Ed
10:30 Break
10:45 Instructional Coherence Small Groups
12:30 Lunch

Morning Session Resources

Links will be added at the start of the Institute

Room Assignments: 10:45a-12:30p

Instructional Coherence Groups: Room Assignments: 10:45-12:30

Instructional Coherence Small Group Assignments:


1  (Cohort 1, 3, & EED) 321 (Little Theater)
2  (Cohort 2 & 4) 118
4  (Cohort 5) 317 (Library)
5  (MS & HS) Gym

Day 2: Afternoon Sessions: 1:30 - 5:30

Afternoon Agenda: Instructional Leaders only


Division/Cohort Check in (optional)
1:50 Mandatory Session #1
2:45 Mandatory Session #2
3:45 Mandatory Session #3
4:30 Office Hours
4:30 UA Members Meeting

Room Assignments: 1:30-5:30

Division/Cohort Check in 1:30-1:50

Please listen for lunch time announcements from your division or cohort leader.

Mandatory Session Strands: Room Assignments & Resources 1:50-4:30

Strand participants stay in their locations.



A (Tables 1 - 15) Gym 
B (Tables 16-30) Little Theatre 
C (Tables 31-45) 118 


Mandatory session facilitators will rotate to each group: see rotation plan.

Session Title

Description & Facilitators Session Resources Facilitators Rotation Plan
EMPowerSF Updates & Fundamentals

This session provides updated information on timekeeping and employee management practices for S.Y. 23-24. 

Christelle Del Rosario, Elva Gutierrez, Chris Wong, Lake Raymond, Marin Trujillo, Melissa Dodd

EMPowerSF Updates & Fundamentals Slides

1. Gym  

2. Little Theatre

3. Room 118

New SFUSD Interim Assessments (K-8/MS/C&I)

College & Career Ready (HS)

K-8 Leaders will learn about Star Assessments to best support administration and analysis for continuous improvement. 

Jesch Reyes/Michelle Maghes


College & Career Ready: HS leaders will be in school teams to identify and analyze reports in Data Disk most relevant to SFUSD’s college & career ready goal.

Steph Lin

New Interim Assessments Slides


College & Career Agenda & Slides

1. Little Theatre (split for Room 320 for CCR/HS)

2. Room 118 (split to 114 for CCR/HS)

3. Gym (split to Room 106 for CCR/HS)

Improving Attendance

This session will focus on guardrail 2A-improving attendance as a catalyst for improving achievement, including reviewing the attendance manual, looking at our tier 1 attendance supports, and beginning to craft the site’s attendance plan.

Eric Guthertz, Tamitrice Rice-Mitchell, Kashina Turner-Pierce, Fenicia Jacks

Draft Attendance Agenda

1. Room 118


3. Little Theatre

Office Hours 4:30-5:30

Visit the Office Hours page for details.

UA Members Meeting 4:30-5:30

Visit the UA Members Meeting page for details.


Special Rooms

Description Room
Lactation Room 107
Prayer Room 221


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