Administration - RI

2023-24 Reading Inventory Administration

HS RI Timline

1. Prepare to Administer

Learn About the Assessment

Note: High School students enrolled during 2023-24, who are classified as either "English Learner", or "To Be Determined" and have been in the country on or after 08/31/2022, are not required to take the RI. View these students in this DnA (Illuminate) report: High School EL students in the country less than a year - RI 2023-24

3. Learn About Scoring

RI is a computer scored assessment. Review the performance bands before interpreting results.

4. Analyze Results

Teachers and administrators can access RI results in SAM just after administration by signing in with the following link using their district Gmail login credentials:

All staff can access RI results 24-48 business days after administration in Illuminate at:

Results are transferred from the Student Achievement Manager (SAM) to Illuminate by the Achievement Assessments Office, so you do not need to submit your results.

You may access results immediately in SAM or in 2-3 business days via Illuminate (only data collected within the district assessment windows will appear in Illuminate). Teachers and administrators can look at results in SAM (also using their Gmail account) immediately following administration by clicking here.

Next Steps:

Visit the Reports page for more information on how to access and view student results and the Analysis to Action page for ways to use this data to guide your instruction.

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