School Portfolio Planning

What we do:


There is high demand for all SFUSD schools because we offer a portfolio of program options and environments that appeal to the diversity of the families we serve.


To support the development of programs and spaces that move the district closer to Vision 2025. 

How we do it:

We do this by providing a cohesive planning framework that includes facilitative decision making, community engagement, data analysis, and project management. In doing so, we bring diverse perspectives together to ensure that decisions impacting our school portfolio are aligned with SFUSD’s mission statement: Every day we provide each and every student the quality instruction and equitable support required to thrive in the 21st century.


 School Year 2021-22 Big Rocks 

  • Plan New Schools in Areas of Future Growth
  • Create innovative and exciting opportunities that increase demand across all schools
  • Develop resources to support strategic decision making

Program Change Protocol

Process for Requesting the Opening, Scaling, Moving or Closing of Programs

The Program Change Protocol uses a collaborative, transparent process to respond to school sites or central office teams interested in opening, closing and/or scaling a school site program that will have broader system impacts beyond the individual school site.

The Program Change Protocol is being rolled out in recognition that SFUSD:

  • Needs a transparent, equitable and consistent method for proposing and approving changes to SFUSD’s portfolio of schools and programs

  • Needs to consider individual program requests in the context of the broader system (e.g., how requests will impact enrollment, facilities needs, staffing, or budget, communication and stakeholder engagement, and increase equity)

  • Needs to align resources to support creating or expanding innovative, quality programs, per Vision 2025

How do I get started?

(The earlier the better!)
  1. Ensure your LEAD Assistant Superintendent/ Department Chief is in support of your concept 

  2. E-mail Karissa Yee Findley, Director of School Portfolio Planning, to check whether this process is intended for the proposal you have in mind.

  3. If it does, complete the Pre-proposal Prioritization Criteria form before October 25th.

  4. You will be notified in November whether your concept has been approved to move forward for further review via the Program Change Protocol.

Future Resources to Include

Resources and Data to help SFUSD make accurate requests and projections for the planning of our school sites and programs 

Questions the Data Can Help Us Consider:

  • What information should inform decisions to change the size/capacity, move, open/close a program?

  • Where and when will we need new schools?

  • How can we be more responsive to family demand/choice?

  • What surplus space do we have and how do we prioritize potential uses for that space?

  • How can we ensure greater equity of space? (Square footage per student, condition/safety, amenities/non-classroom uses)

  • What schools are considered "under enrolled" and is there a desire to add another program?

  • What is the long-term plan for Charter school placement?

  • Is it a priority to cut down on travel time?

Data Points:

  • Enrollment projections (Demographers)

  • Anticipated program growth (SpEd, EED, Language Pathways, etc.)

  • Enrollment trends (historical projected vs actual, growth of charters)

  • Demand by school (requests and enrollment), demand by program/pathway type

  • Where students live, in relation to where they attend school

  • GE Transportation bus routes

  • Maps - all properties by program type

  • Real estate inventory - square footage of buildings and lots

  • Facilities use - Program use of classrooms and other spaces, external partner (DCYF database, Real Estate permits database)

This page was last updated on September 3, 2021