DDD Break time - Non-Digital Challenges

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Looking for a more hands-on and less digital challenge? Then this page is for you!! There's nothing in the rules about doing it alone either - grab a roommate, life partner, colleague, or one of your own kids to help with these family-friendly activities!

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Annie Spratt

Three steps to join the fun

  1. Choose & complete one of the challenges below
  2. Take a picture or video of your creation
  3. Submit it to our Challenges form

Towards the end of the day, we'll tweet out some of our favorites with #ddd2021challenges

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Draw a dog using only the letters in the word GLITTER

Build the tallest card tower you can

Can you build a tower, house, or castle out of cards? These can be playing cards from any game or even notecards, but no tape, staples, or other tricks can be used to help the cards stay in place. Submit a picture or video of your card structure. (put something or someone next to it to show its size)

Tower made out of playing cards

Need a hint? Watch this short video on stacking cards. But this is only one method! How else can you stack up cards and get them to stay without using tape, glue, or staples?

Aerial view collage

GIF example of collageThis challenge comes from the de Young Museum! It was developed by Beth Krebs, a senior teaching artist.

What you'll need: assorted paper, colored pencils or pens, glue stick, scissor

Take a look at some ordinary objects from a bird’s eye view, especially objects you don’t typically see from that vantage point. Photograph or sketch them from that perspective. Trace the shape of the object you sketched onto other papers and cut them out. Build your collage, reinforcing existing lines and shapes on patterned paper while adding your “overhead shapes.” Feel free to experiment by putting together scraps from your cutouts to start a new idea.

What can you create?

After you have created it, please add your creation to our non-digital challenges form

Romare Bearden Collage

This collage activity comes from the young collagists at Huerta Elementary School who were studying Romare Bearden.  They focused on the layering of the images to help tell the story of a personal memory. What story will your collage tell? 

What you'll need: old newspapers, magazines, pictures. Glue, paper or cardboard. 

Once done with your creation, please add it to our non-digital challenges form.

Here are some lesson plans so you can take it back to the classroom. 

Bearden Example

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