DDD 2021 - Attendee Orientation

Digital District Day 101: Get the most out of DDD 2021

Thank you for registering for our annual Digital District Day conference! Last year was our first all online Digital District day and after that success we are excited to bring our second all online event. As always our focus will be on what’s really important about this day: your learning & growth as an educator. Any questions please e-mail Xander Piper at ddd-info@sfusd.edu

Three simple steps to be ready for Digital District Day

Step 1: RSVP to the event

If you have not yet filled out the event Digital District Day RSVP please do so first.

Step 2: Login to Sched 

We’re using a tool called Sched to organize and manage session registrations, and you’ll need to login to be able to view our Sched and sign up for sessions. 

Instructions to register for Sched with an SFUSD email address

Instructions to register for Sched with a personal email address

When you are ready go to the Digital District Day 2021 website on SCHED

Step 3: Sign up for sessions

Follow these instructions to register for Digital District Day Sessions. Some sessions will have limited capacity so to be sure to save your spot by registering early. Sessions may also be added throughout the summer so be sure to check back in periodically to find the sessions that will be most interesting and relevant to you.

When you are ready go to the Digital District Day 2021 website on SCHED

Payment Information

Teachers, substitutes, and paraeducators qualify for receiving payment through the 18 Paid PD hours for attending Digital District Day. Please check out the Paid PD Hours information page for information on how to submit your hours.

  • For questions about if you have submitted your form please contact your site clerk and/or supervisor.
  • For payroll questions (for example - your clerk does not see any available hours for you in payroll or you were hired late and need your hours added to payroll), contact payroll@sfusd.edu.

This page was last updated on August 2, 2021