4.1.6 School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

(SFUSD Board Policy 5113.12)

What is SARB?

SFUSD School Attendance Review Board (SARB) may consist of representatives from the school district, the school site, the office of social services, other community agencies, and other individuals. The goal of the SARB is to partner with students and families to collaboratively identify solutions to support the student to attend school regularly to support their academic achievement.

What happens if the student or parent fails to respond to SARB interventions?

Parents/guardians who fail to attend or fail to follow SARB directives may be guilty of an infraction and referred to the District Attorney (DA) for prosecution. 

Students who fail to follow SARB directives may be referred to the DA, have their driver’s license or driver’s permit suspended or withheld until age 21, or have their work permit revoked.

This page was last updated on October 30, 2020