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Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Resolutions

Date Meeting Details K Resolutions Presentations
02/28/17 Board Meeting
02/22/17 Joint Ad Hoc - Board of Education and City College SF
02/21/17 Special Meeting
02/16/17 Augmented Curriculum and Program Committee
02/14/17 Special Meeting
02/14/17 Board Meeting
02/07/17 Special Meeting
02/07/17 Committee of the Whole
02/06/17 Augmented Rules, Policy, and Legislation Committee
02/01/17 Augmented Budget and Business Services Committee
01/31/17 Agumented Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment
01/30/17 Augmented Buildings, Grounds, and Services Committee
01/28/17 Special Meeting In Retreat
01/26/17 Agumented Ad Hoc Committee on Personnel Matters/Labor Relations/and Affordability
01/24/17 Special Meeting
01/24/17 Board Meeting
01/17/17 Special Meeting
01/17/17 Committee of the Whole
01/10/17 Board Meeting
01/09/17 Special Meeting