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Students reading iPads and books

The Graduate Profile

Developing Students to Compete and Thrive in the 21st Century World

SFUSD is committed to helping all students develop strong academic knowledge and skills, as well as a host of dispositions and behaviors, that increase their curiosity and engagement, activate their full potential for learning, and prepare them for life, work, and study beyond their secondary school years. While the pace and the path toward achieving these outcomes will vary among students and unfold along a set of learning progressions, the goal is for every SFUSD student to possess these capacities by the time they graduate.

Content Knowledge

Book iconMastery of the core knowledge, critical thinking skills, and competencies outlined by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Standards-based knowledge and skills will remain the central pillars of every student's learning, creating a deep foundation that enables further inquiry and exploration in a variety of fields and areas of interest. As part of this core learning, SFUSD students will develop global, civil, and environmental literacies, as well as financial, health and media literacies, throughout their schooling.

Career and Life Skills

Pencil iconThe knowledge, skills, and experience to navigate the "real world" and solve problems that arise in everyday life and in the workplace. Students will have been exposed to a spectrum of industries and sectors and have experience working and implementing their learning in a variety of real-world settings. Students will know how to create compelling content in a variety of formats—through writing, speaking and multimedia—and be able to express themselves digitally, artistically, musically, or with their hands.

Global, Local and Digital Identity

Globe iconThe ability to navigate and engage in a 21st century global society that is more inclusive and interconnected. Students will be "multilingual," gaining exposure to or fluency in other languages that might range from Spanish and Chinese to sign language and computer coding. They will know how to contribute their voices responsibly in all aspects of daily life, from social media to face-to-face communication. They will display an understanding and a respect for different cultures, and possess the ability to connect across racial, cultural and linguistic lines.

Leadership, Empathy and Collaboration

Icon of connected circlesStrong interpersonal skills and the ability to positively influence and collaborate with others. SFUSD students will have the experience and the knowledge to lead others toward solutions and to manage the resources and decisions entrusted to them equitably and responsibly. Our graduates will display empathy for others and—having had abundant opportunities to work in teams with both peers and adults during their schooling—will be well prepared to lead and collaborate, both inside and outside the workplace.


Lightning iconThe freedom, confidence and ability to express their unique selves. Students will have exposure to and experience in a variety of creative and artistic forms and disciplines that serve to ignite their curiosity and enable them to find new pathways for expressing their unique identities and for exploring their own skills and styles. They will know how to integrate creative problem-solving into their work and how to approach problems and challenges creatively and from multiple perspectives.

Sense of Purpose and Sense of Self

Heart iconOur graduates will see themselves as filled with purpose and value. Having been nurtured to focus on their capacity to grow intellectually, socially and creatively(sometimes described as having a "growth mindset"), SFUSD graduates will possess the grit to persist in long-term efforts and persevere toward important goals. They will graduate with a strong, healthy sense of self and the confidence that they have a valuable role to play in the world. They will possess self knowledge and self esteem, conduct themselves ethically and with integrity, and know how to reflect on and learn from their experiences.