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Applying for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Before an organization or agency can provide services to students in any public school you need to have a formal agreement with SFUSD that describes your program services in detail, and ensures your agency fulfills legal requirements that protect our students, your organization, and the district as a whole.  

When services are provided for free to the school or SFUSD, organizations need a “Memorandum of Understanding,” or MOU, which must be approved by the Board of Education as well as district staff.  (If the school or SFUSD pays for the services, the agreement is through a contract rather than an MOU.)

See this one-page tip sheet:  Seven Things Every Partner Needs to Know.

Most community organizations interested in providing services free of charge to SFUSD will use our online process for filling out your MOU form.  A few MOUs are developed outside of this process. Please see the FAQ below and contact the Partnerships office if you have questions about these kinds of MOUs.

New for the 2017-18 school year!

  • MOUs may now be for up to three years. Agencies still need to print out your MOU and obtain original signatures for approval, but only one hard copy needs to be submitted.

  • All instruction and tutoring related to literacy must align with SFUSD’s Comprehensive Approach to Literacy.   Staff in the Humanities department may ask to review your program’s curriculum and other materials as part of the process for approving an MOU.
  • Organizations requesting access to student information must ensure that all employees, volunteers and/or agents sign the SFUSD Oath of Confidentiality before receiving any confidential information about students or their families. See this shared folder with downloadable templates for authorizing release of information, and the Oath of Confidentiality.
  • Organizations providing food or beverages to students must follow the SFUSD Wellness Policy.  Organizations that intend to donate, serve or sell food and/or beverages more than once a week must complete an application through Student Nutrition Services.  Here's a link to information about the Student Nutrition Guidelines and application.
  • Professional Adult/Student Boundaries.  Service providers must provide each individual employee or volunteer providing services under their MOU the new SFUSD Board Policy 4019.1, which outlines appropriate and safe boundaries between adults and students.

Links to more information

Please be sure to read this information about the MOU process since we have changed some procedures as we’ve updated our systems: Frequently Asked Questions about MOUs (updated November 2017).   

If services will be provided at just one school site, the principal can sign your MOU. MOUs to provide services to more than one school site must be reviewed and signed by a central SFUSD administrator Here is a list of SFUSD administrators who review MOUs, depending on the sites you hope to serve and the focus of your program or services.  Please contact these administrators before you print your MOU for them to sign, to ensure the information is correct.  

For further reference, here is a one-page flowchart detailing the MOU approval process (rev. Sept. 2017).

Not sure which SFUSD forms you need?  See this chart showing which forms you need, based on different program scenarios (rev. January 2018).

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If you don’t have an agency username and password, you can contact the technical Help Desk Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM at (866) 469-6884 (toll-free).

Links to MOU info & resources for SFUSD staff (district login required)

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SFUSD Partnerships Orientation:

The Why & How of Partnering to Support

Safe, Healthy & Equitable Schools

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SFUSD Partnerships Orientation:

The Why & How of Partnering to Support

Safe, Healthy & Equitable Schools