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Completing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Before an organization or agency can provide services at a school to SFUSD students, staff or families, you need a formal agreement with SFUSD that ensures your agency fulfills legal requirements that protect our students, your organization, and the district as a whole.

  • When services are provided free to the school or SFUSD you need a "Memorandum of Understanding," or MOU, which must be approved by district staff and the Board of Education.
  • Organizations may charge fees to families for before-school or after school program at a school site.  An MOU is required for these programs.
  • If the school or SFUSD pays for services, the agreement is through a contract rather than an MOU. 

Most organizations providing services to SFUSD will use our online process to fill out the MOU form.  Organizations providing online services or apps, and universities placing interns for credentialed positions, such as teachers, counselors or social workers, must use specialized MOUs.  

See the FAQ for more details. Please contact if you have any questions about which template is appropriate for you to use

What's new for MOUs

  • Please use the 2019-20 form if you plan to provide services and do not have an existing MOU that covers this year.
  • If you need to complete an MOU for services provided during the 2018-19 school year, please use the 2018-19 template in the online system. 
  • You can review these approved MOUs to confirm if you have a current MOU.
  • SFUSD now accepts the TB risk assessment or TB skin test to meet requirements for TB clearance.  (Find additional information in the FAQ.)
  • The MOU form no longer includes staff names, or the specific dates for TB and Criminal Background Clearances - but organizations are required to maintain this information in your records.

Deadlines for MOU Approval by Board of Education

Be sure to read the FAQ!  If your MOU is filled out incorrectly, missing signatures of an SFUSD administrator or the Certificate of Insurance, it may cause a significant delay.


General information about the MOU process

Link to create / login to your user account for MOUs

Here's the login page for the MOU system.  If you don't have an agency username and password, please contact the technical Help Desk Monday-Friday, from 8am-5pm at (866) 469-6884 (toll-free).  Please do not set up a new account if your organization already has one. The Help Desk can assist you to retrieve login information if needed. 

Programs funded by DCYF

All grantees of the City’s Department of Children, Youth and Families must complete an MOU or have a Contract with SFUSD for the services funded by DCYF.  Be sure to read the FAQ and follow all the general instructions for completing an MOU.  See these tips if you're having trouble accessing the MOU system or your computer takes you to the CMS system instead.  In addition, here are answers to common questions we've heard from DCYF grantees.

SFUSD Data Sharing Consent Forms

  • SFUSD has created a standard consent form for organizations to obtain family/guardian consent for access to student data.  See this folder with the downloadable form for authorizing release of information, as well as the instructions. (Translated consent forms will be posted here soon.)
  • Please note that organizations requesting student data must ensure all employees, volunteers and/or agents sign the SFUSD Oath of Confidentiality before receiving confidential information about students or their families. You can find the Oath of Confidentiality in this folder.  (Please hold these forms in your records; you do not submit them to SFUSD.)



 Some things to note:

  • In general we encourage organizations to complete multi-year MOUs, for up to three fiscal years. (SFUSD’s fiscal year is July 1–June 30.)

  • Agencies need to print out your MOU and provide original signatures for approval.  You must submit the signed, hard copy of your MOU, along with your Certificate of Insurance, to SFUSD's Partnerships office.

  • MOUs to provide services to more than one school site must be reviewed and signed by a central SFUSD administrator.  Check the list of SFUSD administrators who review MOUs, depending on the focus of your program or services.  Please contact the district administrator before you print your MOU for them to sign, to ensure the information is correct.  

  • Professional Adult/Student Boundaries.  All organizations providing services to SFUSD must ensure that each employee or volunteer providing services understands and follows SFUSD Board Policy 4019.1, which outlines appropriate and safe boundaries between adults and students.  Find training materials and resources at the Community Partnerships Network resources page.   We will offer additional training in the fall.

  • Need to review the terms of an MOU? You can view this standard MOU template to see the current terms and conditions for SFUSD’s standard MOUs. 


  • Organizations providing services at schools outside the regular school day (including evenings, weekends, and school holidays or breaks) must have a facility use permitLearn more and start your facility use permit at


  • If you will begin new services at schools before June 30:  Use thecurrent, 2017-18 MOU form.