Using and Renting SFUSD Facilities

Using and Renting SFUSD Facilities

Update 3/11/2024

Creation of 2024 Summer permits and 2024-2025 Fall/Spring permits on the online permit system is temporarily blocked for maintenance until next Monday. We apologize for the inconvenience.  


Starting March 4, 2024 the online permit system (click here) is open for 2024 Summer permits and 2024-2025 Fall/Spring permits. 

Before creating a permit for 2024 Summer, please be sure to check the 2024 Summer Usage schedule to see which sites are available for summer rental. 


2024 Summer Usage schedule: click here. 

2024 Summer Rental Period: June 5, 2024 - July 19, 2024

Blackout period (no rental, no exceptions): July 20, 2024 - August 18, 2024

1st day of instruction: August 19, 2024. 


Facilities Use Permit Instructions for school year 2024-2025: click here. 


2024 Summer Rental and Blackout Permit - UPDATE

During the summer months properties are used by a variety of community partners to provide summer programming for SFUSD and non-SFUSD students and public. During this time the SFUSD Facilities Department is also busy preparing schools for the return of students on August 19th, the first day of school!


To ensure that our custodial department has sufficient time to complete a thorough cleaning of our school sites, SFUSD will be enforcing a blackout period between July 20th and August 18th. During the blackout period sites will not be available for use or rental except as outlined in the table below. Early Childhood Education sites serving SFUSD students year round, will remain operational. 


SFUSD site staff with a contract start date during the blackout period can access the building on the first day of their contract. Based on the SY24-25 calendar, site administrators, clerks, and UESF members can access the building starting on the first day of their respective contracts (dates TBD). No professional development activities, faculty meetings, staff meetings, school site council meetings, family meetings, etc, can happen on-site during the blackout period to ensure that we can thoroughly clean our schools for the safe return of our students!


In the past, exceptions have been made during the blackout period. There will be no exceptions this summer to ensure that we can thoroughly clean our schools for the safe return of our students on the first day of school. Thank you for your support and cooperation!


Available Date(s)

Blackout period- facility unavailable

  • SFUSD summer  programs 
  • ExCEL High Schools
  • General Public

06/05 - 07/19*

7/20 - 8/18

  • ExCEL/ ELO-P TK-8 Programs

06/05 - 07/24*

7/25 - 8/18

  • UASF Administrators 

Contract start date (TBD)**

7/25-contract start date (TBD)**

  • UESF members 

Contract start date (TBD)**

7/25-contract start date (TBD)**

  • SEIU Clerks 

Contract start date (TBD)**

7/25-contract start date (TBD)**

*sites will be closed on 06/19, 07/04 and 07/05

** This document will be updated with contract start dates per HR and Labor Relations



SFUSD Facilities Use Permit Applications, Fees and Online Fee Calculator

Facilities Use Permits are filled out online.  You can create or sign in to your online permit user account at

  • The built-in fee calculator will be able to calculate the estimated fees for your permit for you!  (Please note that because the estimated fees are calculated based on how you fill out the permit application, the fee estimate is subject to change based on Real Estate office review of your application and requested use of facilities.)
  • All permit application forms must be printed out, signed by the principal or director of the site you plan to use, and turned in to the Real Estate Office. The Facilities Use Permit FAQ and other information are also available through this system.
  • Please note that permits on old PDF forms are no longer accepted - so be sure to set up your user account, fill out and print your permit applications through the online system.
  • Remember that all permit application forms must be  signed by the principal (electronic signatures are accepted)  or director of the site you plan to use, and turned in to the Real Estate Office via email

Resources & Information about Facility Use Permits

 Check out our resources about SFUSD facility use permits and fees:

Facility Use Permits Board Policy & Administrative Regulation

Donated Improvements to School Facilities Under Community Recreation Act

SFUSD Facilities Use Permit Structure

In July 2014 SFUSD launched a new, tiered fee schedule for facilities use permits.  To develop this new fee structure, we worked with the UC Center for Cities and Schools to calculate the actual costs to the district for facilities use. These costs are comprised of direct and indirect facility costs for utilities, maintenance, furnishing and equipment and direct staffing costs for custodians, security, technical support, and kitchen staff. Both costs are included in the new fee structure

With the updated fee structure:

  • All groups will now pay the full cost of staffing, such as having custodians, security, technical support, or kitchen staff on hand
  • Facility costs will be discounted for district or school site programs, events serving SFUSD students, and community groups and nonprofits
  • Permit application fees will be waived for district or school site programs and events serving SFUSD students

Find out more about the new permit fee schedule (coming soon).

General Permit Information

Anyone using an SFUSD facility outside of the regular school day must have a permit and must pay permit fees. This includes nonprofit groups, public agencies, and private or commercial users. Even SFUSD staff or parent groups need a permit for events that require custodial services. Only a school’s own committees or organizations, such as the School Site Council, ELAC, or PTA, can have a meeting outside of school hours without needing a permit as long as the principal determines that no custodial services are required for this meeting.

Important facts about all SFUSD facility use permits

  • The use of school property shall be primarily for public school purposes, and consistent with the California Education Code. Any use of the property other than public school purposes shall be subordinate to this primary purpose. Even outside of the regular school day, school facilities may not be available if other activities have been scheduled by the school principal.
  • Submitting a permit application that is incomplete, missing signatures, or failing to meet application requirements will likely result in the permit being delayed or denied. You can use our Facilities Use Permit Checklist to make sure you've covered everything.
  • SFUSD may terminate any facility use permit when there are conflicting dates or the property is needed for public school purposes. The District may terminate any permit at any time upon provision of written notice pursuant to permit Section 10 (“Termination”).
  • A permit may also be terminated whenever the District has reason to believe that the Permittee has violated applicable rules regarding the use of the school property (pursuant to the Facility Use Permit Terms and Agreements, Section 10, “Termination”), and this violation may constitute grounds for denying further use of SFUSD property.

How do I get a facility use permit?

Here’s a general overview of the permit process. For more detailed information, please download the FAQ.

  • A separate, specific permit is required for the rental of each SFUSD facility.
  • Contact the school to make sure the facilities you want to use are available, and to schedule use of that space. Please be sure to ask about all the different rooms you hope to use, because some of the rooms may not be available.
  • Complete the Facility Use Permit application. Be sure to complete all permit addenda, including those related to staffing and/or technical support for certain facilities use.
  • Print out the application and bring it (including any addenda) to the school for the principal to sign.
  • The principal will also determine whether (and how many) SFUSD security personnel are required for your event or program.
  • Please email your signed permit application and proof of insurance to

Please note that the following groups are exempt from this permit application fee: SFUSD departments and schools; the PTA and site parent groups; ExCEL and Beacon program providers; and programs/events where at least 75% of the participants are SFUSD students, staff or families.

If you have questions, please contact SFUSD’s Real Estate office at:

San Francisco Unified School District: Real Estate and Permit Office

135 Van Ness Avenue, Room 116

San Francisco, CA 94102

T: 415-241-6090 | F: 415-241-6552

Office Hours: M-F, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Additional Forms and Documentation

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