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Available School Assignment Period

Available School Assignment Period (ASAP) begins on June 27, 2018. During this period, any student may be assigned immediately into a school with openings that does not have any waiting pool requests pending.  Students who receive an assignment through ASAP may still opt to submit a wait pool request as long as the request is submitted by August 17, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions about ASAP and Wait Pool Placement

I have an approved medical or family hardship appeal but still did not get a placement into my school of choice.  What do I do?

Forms submitted for the May Placement Period are no longer active. You must be sure to submit a Wait Pool request to be included in the Wait Pool Placement Period.  Your approved appeal will still be attached to the school to which your appeal was approved.  Placement for approved appeals is subject to space availability in the school.

My child is a younger sibling or twin but was not able to receive an assignment into the sibling’s school.  What do I do?

Again, you must be sure to submit a Wait Pool request to keep your application active in the Wait Pool Placement Period.  The sibling preference will still be attached to the school of choice and placement for siblings is subject to space availability in the school.

What schools will be available for the Available School Assignment Period (ASAP)?

Any school that has openings and no Wait Pool requests after the May Placement Period may have openings available.  In other words, schools that had more requests than seats available during the March and May Placement Periods will NOT be available for ASAP.

Are seats in ASAP given on a first-come, first-served basis?

Only if there is space available and there are no wait pool requests after the May Placement Period, then the available seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

What if openings occur during the summer?

As long as there are Wait Pool requests, the seats will be allocated through the assignment process.

Will coming to the Educational Placement Center to check on openings daily or on a regular basis help my chances of getting placement?

No, the only equitable way to allocate openings is to conduct an assignment run using the student assignment process.  If you submit a Wait Pool Request, you can be sure that any openings in the school will be filled through the assignment process.

Will I be able to know how many other Wait Pool requests there are for the school that I am requesting?

Yes, placement counselors at the EPC can share the number of Wait Pool requests for a school up until that point in time.  However, they will not be able to share the tiebreakers that will be attached to the students requesting.  

Can I change my choice on my Wait Pool form for the Wait Pool Placement Period?

Yes, you may change your Wait Pool request as long as it is done by August 17, 2018.

If I receive an assignment during ASAP, may I still submit a request for another school?

Yes, if you have another assignment received during the March or May Placement Period, or during the Available School Assignment Period, you may still submit a Wait Pool Request.  You will keep that assignment, unless you receive another assignment through the Wait Pool assignment run.  If you wish to cancel your Wait Pool request please let us know by August 17, 2018 at

What schools will be available in ASAP?

A placement counselor at the EPC can work with you to give you real-time information on openings.

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