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Family Partnerships Resources

The Family Partnerships Toolkit:  Best Practices, Guidelines and Resources


The child's first and most influential teacher is the family.

SFUSD recognizes that authentic partnerships with our students’ families and communities are essential to achieving our primary mission: that every student graduates prepared to succeed in college, career and life. 

Specific measures and goals for this work are included in SFUSD’s systems for accountability including our strategic plan, the School Quality Improvement System, the Balanced Score Card, and the state-mandated Local Control and Accountability Plan.  

It is our collective responsibility, as school and district leaders, to reach out to welcome families, eliminate obstacles to their participation and facilitate ways to support their children’s success.  

Research shows that the success of our work relies on the recognition that every family can and will support their child. By drawing on a family’s rich fund of knowledge about their children and community, we can partner with them to provide the best educational experience for their children.  We are excited to offer schools, families and our community these tools and resources to strengthen our partnerships and support our students to succeed.

Our Research-based Foundation

FAMILY PARTNERSHIP ACTION PLANNING TOOL - This basic planning tool will help school sites with planning for their family partnership work.

FAMILY FRIENDLY WALKTHROUGH FORMS (Español | 中文)- This basic planning tool will help schools sites with planning their family partnership work.

About the Toolkits

  • A multi-disciplinary team of staff from different SFUSD departments collaborated to develop these resources. Drawing from existing models and examples, the team identified priorities and selected the resources to include in the toolkits.
  • Many of these tools were adapted from models based on national research (these sources are noted where relevant). 
  • The tools and links to additional resources also reflect recommendations by SFUSD families, advisory groups and community members (identified through focus groups, public forums and design-process events).
  • Included in the toolkits are checklists, rubrics and other tools to serve as “flashlights” that can help illuminate issues and opportunities for growth and development of a strong and supportive school culture and climate.

Family Partnerships Tool Kits – At a Glance


Want more information? Please contact the SFUSD Family Partnerships and Empowerment Team at