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Hey Kids, Let's Have Breakfast!

For a lot of kids, breakfast is a challenge—rushed morning routines, lack of enough food at home, or just not being hungry for an early-morning meal—and that challenge can add up to a lot of hungry kids at school.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we offer Stonyfield yogurt, sustainably-raised Diestel Family turkey on whole-wheat English muffins, whole-wheat bagels, hard-boiled eggs, fresh fruit, and other nutritious foods daily at every SFUSD school.

“It’s not enough to just offer students a nutritious breakfast; we must also work together to remove obstacles that prevent students from eating this important meal,” says Interim Superintendent Myong Leigh. “With more options for when and where they can eat at school, more of our students are well fed and able to focus on learning.”

SFUSD’s nutrition services has been tackling this issue for several years and is embracing multiple strategies to deliver breakfast in ways that work best for students.


Breakfast in the Classroom






Breakfast in the Classroom  is served after the opening bell directly in the classroom. This approach makes it easier for all children to easily participate. Instructors can teach or collect homework as students eat.


Grab ‘n’ Go Breakfast






Grab ‘n’ Go Breakfasts, offered at middle and high schools, allows students to pick up their breakfast from central locations throughout the school and eat it where they choose. This breakfast model provides a great deal of flexibility for schools based on their individual needs.

Second Chance Breakfast is offered in the morning before the start of school and again during morning recess or snack break. It’s effective for serving students who, due to family schedules or transportation issues, are not able to eat in the morning before school begins, as well as for students who are not hungry first thing in the morning but do get hungry before lunchtime.

Additional Information

If you have questions or would like more information on the expanded breakfast programs, please contact us at or 415-749-3604.