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Image indicating that kids and teenagers can get free meals

Summer Meal

Seamless Summer Meal Program 2019

Any youth 18 years or younger can get free summer meals, even if they are not enrolled in a summer program. No application is necessary.

DCYF 2019 Summer Brochure 1

DCYF 2019 Summer Brochure 1

2019 Youth Nutrition Poster Contest Winners 

Congratulations to our 3rd Annual Youth Nutrition Poster Contest winners, Mariel and Sabrina, on their artwork displaying their interpretation of "What healthy food means to you".


Middle School Winning Art 

Winning Poster Title: Two Worlds
Artist: Mariel, 7th Grade
"My poster shows two different worlds. One is in black and white, symbolizing boredom, and despair, in which people tend to eat large quantities of junk food. The other world is full of color and shows happiness and healthy food."

Winning Poster Title: Little Red Riding Hood and Fruits
Artist: Sabrina, 12th Grade

"My poster is called, "Little Red Riding Hood and Fruits," it shows a little girl, happily skipping down a watermelon road with her fruit buddies. All of them are happy because it is a sunny day and fruits make you happy and strong. Healthy food is important to me because it gives me strength and health to keep up with my everyday activities. It protects me from getting sick by strengthening my immune system and other health problems like diabetes and disease. And overall, they are delicious and flavorful and help me stay positive."


If you have any questions, please contact Student Nutrition Services at 415-749-3604 or email