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Afterschool Nutrition

The new Supper (Super Snack) Program

By the time students arrive at their afterschool programs, lunch is a distant memory. Traditionally snacks are provided, but children need more sustenance to help get them through their afternoon activities. The new Supper program, funded through the federal Child & Adult Care Food Program, provides nutritious meals to students 18 years and under at eligible after-school program sites. Student Nutrition Services offers these supper programs in place of after school snack services.

Filling a Nutrition Gap
Similar to the lunch program, supper meals are freshly prepared and offer healthy proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and milk.

The Supper program is in no way intended to take away from family dinners. However, many children arrive home very hungry (school lunch can be as early as 11 a.m.!) and reach for high calorie snack foods.

Beneficial for Students and Staff
Offering supper not only serves our students but also SFUSD staff by providing additional work hours. Student Nutrition staff members are Food Safety Manager Certified.

The Supper program is a critical component of SFUSD’s goal of serving three nutritious meals a day to our students. Well-fed students are more alert and can fully benefit from their educational and enrichment activities.

After-school Nutrition Program Applications

The SFUSD Supper Program application is now available for school year 2018-19.  If you are running an afterschool program on SFUSD campus, please complete and submit the application by August 1.  For more information about your school eligibility, please contact Robin at 

Click here to apply for supper. 

Supper Program FAQ (.pdf)

Student Nutrition Services also offers the Snacks Program, which is funded by the National School Lunch Program.

Click here to apply for snack.