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Tile mosaic at Alvarado ES

Alvarado Elementary School

School code number: 420
Grade level: K-5
Hours: 7:50 a.m. - 1:50 p.m.

625 Douglass Street, San Francisco, CA, 94114
Neighborhood: Noe Valley
Phone: 415-695-5695
Fax: 415-695-5447
School Loop:
Principal: Jennifer Kuhr Butterfoss

School Data

    Discover This School

    Alvarado is more than a school; we are a community. We are a School of Languages, a School of Arts, and a School of Cultures and Social Justice. Our mission is to reach and teach the heart and soul of the child through fertile academic and art programs. We rely on our strong belief in community, equity, and the transformative power of education to empower our students to achieve their full potential. Alvarado offers a quality general education as well as an award-winning Spanish-English Dual Immersion Program. We are committed as a community of learners to the academic, social, and emotional growth of every student. We celebrate our diversity and are proud of the warmth in our halls.

    Social justice is embedded in our curriculum and is promoted through assemblies such as Latino Pride, Gay Pride, Spoken Word, and Women's History. In a safe and fair classroom environment, joyful, students thrive on an engaging, challenging yet accessible curriculum. Our teachers employ a variety of meaningful, authentic strategies and activities that address the variety of learning styles of all students. This is accomplished through the use of our arts program to teach across the curriculum. We keep our promises to students and families when we have an open dialogue among all of the members of the community—communicating needs, responsibilities, and results. We actively embrace the cultures and languages of our families through cultural events and encourage parent volunteers of many languages and cultures.

    This school feeds into:

    James Lick Middle School

    School Tours

    Tuesdays at 8:15 a.m. during enrollment period. Tours in Spanish available. Reserve a spot for a tour online.



    Afterschool Programs

    ExCEL availabe at no cost, by invitation; GLO at Alvarado (fee-based), call  415-285-7756. Both from end of school until 6 p.m.

    Special Education Programs

    • Designated instructional services
    • Resource specialist program
    • Moderate/severe separate classes

    Language Programs

    • Spanish
    English Plus Pathway, Elementary Dual Language Immersion Pathway (Spanish K-5)

    Student Support Programs

    The Student Assistant Program (SAP) meets weekly to support students with needs impacting their education. Student Support Team meetings, which include parents, are held as needed. Reading Recovery, Reading Partners and Literacy tutors provide support for literacy building. Math tutoring provides support and and enrichment. Sand Play Therapists and a half-time LSP support students in the social-emotional realm.

    Arts and Enrichment

    2D/3D Arts, Orff & instrumental music, theatre

    Additional Info

    Rodriguez SFUSD Pre-K