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Hilltop Special Services Center

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Grade level: County School
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1325 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110
Phone: 415-695-5606
Fax: 415-695-5367
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School Day Academic Enrichment

This is a comprehensive, continuous, and community-linked school-based program. Cal-SAFE provides: Parenting Education and Life Skills Class, Prenatal Education, Health Education, Nutrition Education, Counseling and Meal Supplements, Career Counseling, Substance Abuse Prevention Education and Counseling, Mental Health Assessment, Intervention and Referrals, Peer Support Groups and Counseling, Child and Domestic Abuse Prevention Education, Counseling and Services, Enrichment and Recreational Activities, Child Care and child development, Individual Case Management, Peer Education, Centering, Pre-natal Care, Nurturing Support, Mother and Father Support Programs, Young Family Resources. Hilltop School provides an academic high school curriculum to students enrolled at the school site.

Additional Info

Hilltop School, Pregnant Minors Program, enables pregnant and parenting teens to:  progress toward completion of their secondary education; to make responsible and informed decisions; to have healthy pregnances and healthy families; to become responsible, effective parents; and to become contributing, well-adjusted, self-sufficient members of their communities.

Hilltop students receive core academic instruction toward high school graduation, special support classes in birthing, child development, and teen parenting education.  Additional suppport personnel include:  an on-site nurse, child development specialist, and a nutritionist.

The Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Project (TAPP) is the partnering agency that provides ancillary education and direct case management support to all pregnant and parenting students.  TAPP is part of an interagency, city-wide, comprehensive service network coordinated by the Family Service Agency of San Francisco.  HIlltop School is funded by the California School Age Families Education Program through California Department of Education and administered by the School District.

The Sunshine Building, which houses the SFUSD Cal-SAFE program, Hilltop School, and various community agencies, is undergoing continuous building improvements to better serve its constituents. Hilltop School was completely renovated in 2005 to accommodate new classrooms and programs necessary to update the Hilltop School program.