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Mosaic of a smiling girl and abstract art

Ida B. Wells Continuation High School

School code number: 743
Grade level: 9-12
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

1099 Hayes Street., San Francisco, CA, 94117
Neighborhood: Hayes Valley
Phone: 415-241-6315
Fax: 415-241-6317
School Loop:
Principal: Katie Pringle

School Data

Watch videos explaining our new social-emotional and culture-climate indicators.

Discover This School

Ida B. Wells school building
Ida B. Wells High School is an alternative school established to serve students who are age 16 and older who are seeking to complete the high school portion of their education in a setting with smaller classes, an array of credit recovery opportunities, and a supportive, family-like learning environment. We provide a small school setting and individualized attention. Special programs include a multifunctional computer lab, supplemental instructional services, a variety of Community-Based Organization support, and a Learning Exchange Program with McKesson Corporation including a Science Partnership with City College and ZEUM Technology Model Program where students produce and explore the visual, media and performing arts. In addition to the academic focus, students can participate in the School-To- Career Program or Step-To-College as they plan their pathway after high school graduation. The student body includes students who are employed, teen parents, and students who need a flexible educational environment.

Wells has a diverse, committed, caring, and professionally competent staff to serve our students. A highly skilled Wellness Center staff serves, refers, and develops new partnerships to serve the needs of our students and their families within a strong culture of encouragement. Our commitment is to provide each of our students with the opportunity to establish academic and career goals, and to acquire the skills and self-reliance needed to achieve those goals. Staff define student achievement in terms not only of grades and credits, but place a higher value on the acquisition of skills that will lead to passing the CAHSEE and preparing students for success throughout their lives. Students who transfer to Wells are asked to make a commitment to Three A's: Attendance, Attitude (positive), and Achievement. We focus on helping students recover high school course credit and achieve their personal goals. Our educational program embraces the concept that student success depends upon the collaboration and commitment of students, teachers, parents, and community partners.

School Tours

Parents and students are welcome to contact the school in order to visit and get information about our high school community.



Afterschool programs

Ida B. Wells' After School Program offers a full spectrum of academic, credit recovery options, together with recreational and athletic programs.

Special Education Programs

  • Designated instructional services
  • Resource specialist program

Language Programs

English Plus Pathway


We offer all students the opportunity to participate in our award-winning culinary program, Heat of the Kitchen. Here students train with our chef/teacher to learn important professional and academic skills that help students in all aspects of their lives

College Counseling/Support Programs

We understand that student success is built on a foundation of support and trust. We offer our students the services of a well-staffed Wellness Center. Here students can find support and resources from conselors, therapists, a nurse and various activities and services. We also provide to all students college and other post-secondary planning and counseling services.