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Skylight at John O'Connell HS

O'Connell, John High School

School code number: 651
Grade level: 9-12
Hours: 8:15 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.

2355 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110
Neighborhood: Mission
Phone: 415-695-5370
Fax: 415-695-5379
School Loop:
Principal: Susan Ryan

School Data

Watch videos explaining our new social-emotional and culture-climate indicators.

Discover This School

Discover the learning experience at John O'Connell High School! It's a small school, which means smaller classrooms where students develop academic and 21st century skills. Students engage in projects and in-depth learning opportunities with an academic focus. All students are enrolled in the University of California's A-G coursework to ensure students receive a college preparatory curriculum. An honors program begins in the 9th grade with English and Algebra. AP courses are available in Biology, English Literature, English Language, Calculus, Spanish Language, and Spanish Literature. Along with a rigorous core curriculum, O'Connell offers relevant pathway courses. Students can choose among Drama, Art, Computer Art, Networking, Architecture and Design, Peer Resources, Student Leadership, and Culinary. Advanced courses include Biotechnology, Advanced Media Arts, Advanced Art, Pre-Engineering, Programming, Advanced Culinary, and a half-day program in Architecture and Design with the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco. Located in the Mission district of San Francisco, O'Connell partners with City College, City Build, and the Academy of Art to round out student learning experiences.

At O'Connell, we believe every student should be able to make choices about his/her future based on interests and dreams, and define (rather than wait for) opportunities. This means all students are prepared to enter post-secondary options of four-year university, community college, or livable wage careers after high school. Students are excited to come to school and participate in classes because they see the link between school and their future goals. Students and teachers feel safe to take risks in their learning and try new things.

O'Connell thrives on a culture where all families feel comfortable and welcome at the school, and everyone can participate in events that further personal growth. We want and encourage our students and families to hold us accountable for providing the best educational opportunities for our students. Our monthly Principal's Coffee Chat is an informal meeting for parents to hear about school updates or ask the principal any questions. While informal in nature, the coffee chat has taken an active advocacy role in the community.

School Tours

O'Connell is regularly providing tours to families, community partners, and others. We are happy to accommodate anyone interested in learning more! Please contact Interim Principal Susan Ryan at for more information.


No uniforms. OC expects students to dress respectfully each day with opportunities for more professional dress.

Afterschool programs

John O'Connell High School ExCEL Urban Services YMCA Program offered each day until 6:00 pm.

Highlights include tutoring and homework help, computer lab access, on-line credit recovery courses, student-led clubs, athletics, Tech 21 and more!  (415) 695-5370 ext. 1113.

Special Education Programs

  • Designated instructional services
  • Resource specialist program
  • Mild/moderate separate classes
  • Community Access Transition (CAT)

Language Programs

English Plus Pathway

Student Support Programs

As a Community School, O'Connell offers a full set of coordinated services to support students and families.  This includes a Wellness Center with a full-time nurse, a therapist, and a wide range of other services.   Families are further supported by a Family Liaison and many additional services from community partners.  Extensive academic support is offered both in classes and after school.  This includes a tutoring support until 6:00 pm every day, an Advanced Placement Support Class, On-line credit recovery program, a weekly Advisory Program, and additional support for students to pass the CAHSEE.


Soccer, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, track, badminton, softball, baseball, cross country

Arts and Enrichment

Redelarte arts program, Loco Bloco

School Day Academic Enrichment

O'Connell offers a unique model, focused on real world, deeper learning.  With a focus on preparing for both college and the professional world, students participate in rigorous integrated projects at all grade levels to help them see rich connections across different areas.

In the 11th and 12th grade Upper Division, students participate in integrated career-themed labs.  These labs integrate college-preparatory academic courses with career-themed classes.  Teams of teachers facilitate integrated projects, advanced research, and internships within each career area.


Integrated Labs include: Environmental Technology, Business and Entrepreneurship, Building Trades and Health/Behavioral Science. Honors and Advanced Placement also available. Beginning in the 2015-16 school year, O'Connell will also be offering a spanish language pathway for students.

College Counseling/Support Programs

O'Connell High has a full time staff available to help all students with college information and recruitment five days a week.  Your child will have the opportunities and support to attend college and enter exciting career paths if they come to O'C High School!