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Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School

School code number: 764
Grade level: 9-12
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (with extended programs until 6:00 p.m.)

400 Mansell Street, San Francisco, CA, 94131
Neighborhood: Portola District
Phone: 415-469-4550
Fax: 415-239-6806
School Loop:
Principal: Samuel Bass

School Data

Watch videos explaining our new social-emotional and culture-climate indicators.

Discover This School

Burton's running track and football field A look inside Burton A mural in one of Burton's hallways

An outdoor mural Burton's outdoor sports facilities

Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School promotes a nurturing, equitable school culture committed to high-level academic achievement for all students. Our student-centered learning communities engage students in rigorous, inquiry-based learning while also building personal relationships that support students in their pursuits. Burton graduates are creative and critical thinkers who use the foundations of the core curriculum and their commitment to social justice to make positive contributions to society. Our school serves as a model for institutions everywhere, and our graduates are recruited by colleges and businesses that recognize them as leaders.

Burton's diverse 1300+ student body represents every ethnicity, socio-economic group, and neighborhood of San Francisco. Our main Access and Equity initiative is called Essential Learning. Our focus is to create a school-wide understanding of high achievement of essential learning; develop learning opportunities in each class, department, interdisciplinary group, differentiating for all students; measure student progress toward essential learning; and make changes to program, lessons, and support structures to improve student progress toward essential learning. The Academies at Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School are small, diverse learning communities designed to personalize the educational experience for all students. We believe that students learn best in a school environment where they are supported and nurtured by the school staff and their classmates.

Burton is a Student Centered School. Families and community members play a larger part in the Burton program and design, and students and parents are excited to be a part of the Burton community.

School Tours

Mondays from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.


Burton enforces a school responsible and appropriate dress code.

Afterschool programs

Burton is proud to have an extensive partnership with the Bayview YMCA, which runs the Bayview Beacon at Burton.  We have classes offered by City College on Saturdays and after school.  The Beacon runs the Teen Center that offers programs that include intramurals, student-led workshops on a variety of topics, swimming lessons, and drivers' education.  Also, we have peer tutoring, teacher-led tutoring, and SF State University students tutoring during lunchtime and afterschool.  The very active Associated Student Body spearheads all dances, food fests, and spirit week activities, including rallies and cultural assemblies.

Special Education Programs

  • Designated instructional services
  • Resource specialist program
  • Mild/moderate separate classes
  • Moderate/severe separate classes
  • Community Access Transition (CAT)

Language Programs

Specially designed academic instruction in English across all subject areas

Student Support Programs

Wellness center and teen clinic on campus, academic case management, Truancy Assessment Resource Center, individual and group counseling.


Football, soccer, volleyball, track, cross country, cheerleading
squad, baseball, softball, basketball, badminton, golf, and tennis.

Arts and Enrichment

Choir, band, ceramics, painting, drawing, digital art, video production, drama

School Day Academic Enrichment

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), Advanced Placement, Honors


Academy of Information Technology, Academy of Finance, Academy of Health Sciences, Academy of Engineering

College Counseling/Support Programs

Burton High School boasts a nationally recognized wall-to-wall career-themed academy structure.  Students embark on out-of-classroom learning experiences, as well as, paid and unpaid summer internships that are aligned to their interests.  GEAR-UP, PACT, EAOP-UC Berkley, Beacon employment services, and SF College Access Center help students and family members complete applications, prepare for interviews, and understand financial saavy.