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Starr King Elementary School

School code number: 838
Grade level: PreK-5
Hours: 8:40 a.m. - 2:40 p.m.

1215 Carolina Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107
Neighborhood: Potrero Hill
Phone: 415-695-5797
Fax: 415-695-5338
School Loop:
Principal: Darlene Elizabeth Martin

School Data

Watch videos explaining our new social-emotional and culture-climate indicators.

Discover This School

Starr King Elementary is a student-centered school located atop Potrero Hill in the southeast corner of San Francisco. Starr King is dedicated to helping children develop academically, socially and emotionally. At Starr King equity means we ensure a baseline of educational services to all our students, and we provide additional, needs-based and inclusive resources based on student needs. Our programs and policies are built to meet the unique strengths and needs of our diverse and evolving student population. Starr King offers three programs to incoming families: General Education, Mandarin Immersion, and an autism-specific Special Education program. While we have multiple programs, we are one school, bound by three core values: a commitment to academic excellence; recognizing students as unique individuals; and fostering a diverse and compassionate community.

Students from every class and program work collaboratively with others as we celebrate the languages, ethnicities, and unique character of every child. We offer the lowest average class size in the district and strive to know each member of our community personally. This enables us to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with all of our students. Our joyful learners are happy, engaged, curious, eager, healthy, and confident enough to take risks. They recognize that learning is its own reward. With our families and school communities, we value building trust and having mutually respectful relationships. We maintain clear, ongoing communications and involve others in decision-making. We work hard to build meaningful relationships with students and families so that we can work together to support students in the many ways they need to ensure their success.

This school feeds into:

Aptos Middle School

School Tours

Tuesdays at 9:30 AM. Appointments are required.


White or navy blue collared shirt and navy blue pants,skirt or jumper.

Before-school programs

Breakfast served at 8:10 - 8:35 AM. Yard supervision begins at 8:25-8:40 AM, Monday through Friday.  Tuesday food pantry program for Starr King families, 8 AM.

Afterschool programs

On site Urban Services/Stonestown YMCA offered at free/fee based, 2:40-5:45 daily.  Also available offsite  - Jackson Park ASP, Potrero Rec ASP and  Fei Tian ASP.

Special Education Programs

  • Designated instructional services
  • Resource specialist program
  • Moderate/severe separate classes (autism)

Language Programs

  • Mandarin

English Plus Pathway, Elementary Dual Language Immersion Pathway (Mandarin K-5)

Student Support Programs

Mentoring, Academic Tutoring for all grade levels, Counseling for students who qualify and SENECA positive school climate culture support.

Arts and Enrichment

Stagewrite - building literacy through theater. MUST (Music In Schools), Arts and Music through VAPA and  Chinese Cultural Enrichment.

School Day Academic Enrichment

Playworks, VAPA and Ecoliteracy programs.