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César Chávez Elementary School

School code number: 603
Grade level: PreK-5
Hours: 8:40 a.m. - 2:55 p.m. (M,T,W,F); 1:40 p.m. (Thursdays early release)

825 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110
Neighborhood: Mission
Phone: 415-695-5765
Fax: 415-695-5843
School Loop:
Principal: Jennifer Freeman; Assistant Principal Jimmy Lopez

School Data

Watch videos explaining our new social-emotional and culture-climate indicators.

Discover This School

Driving through the heart of the Mission District, it is difficult to miss the rich and vibrant murals of César Chávez Elementary School. Incorporated in these multi-colored images are the core values that this school community strives for: excellence in academic achievement, respect for diversity, and strength in character and personal growth. At César Chávez, every member of our staff and community holds high expectations for all students' academic success—a ¡sí se puede! philosophy. We do this because we know our work is part of a movement to ensure that all people are treated with dignity and respect and are given opportunities to succeed in life. We recognize and build on our students' strengths. For many of them, that is the knowledge of another language. We firmly believe that our students deserve the empowerment of biliteracy.

We focus on a rigorous academic program emphasizing reading, writing, math, science, and the arts. At César Chávez, we know that teaching is not simply about the standards—and that high expectations aren't enough. We must also know the whole child and provide individualized support. We recognize and build on our students' strengths. Our dedicated and caring staff of teachers and support staff work together to provide a safe and nurturing environment for learning. Our teachers use a variety of engagement strategies to engage students and help them learn grade-level standards. These provide equity by giving each child many opportunities to express opinions and practice skills. We know that when effective and responsive instruction is happening, our classrooms are filled with the sounds of children conversing, laughing, and asking questions. These are the sounds of learning at César Chávez Elementary School.

We believe that every member of the school community is responsible for every child. There are regular check-ins to this aim. Partnering our efforts with a committed parent community, César Chávez Elementary School, like its namesake, works toward a better future for all our children. We want to listen to the dreams of those we serve on a daily basis.

This school feeds into:

Everett Middle School

School Tours

Tours arranged through Parent Liaison or Community Schools Coordinator and held Friday mornings 9:15 - 10:00 a.m. or by appointment. Call school to make an appointment, 415-695-5765.


White shirt/blouse, navy blue pants/skirt/jumper and comfortable shoes.

Before-school programs

Supervised recess from 8:00 - 8:35 - Playworks

Afterschool programs

  • Jamestown/ExCEL program by application, free to families: 3:00-6:00 p.m. offering homework assistance, academic support, recreational activities and enrichment opportunities; Site-based Homework Help/Tutoring; Reading Partners reading support. 
  • Boys & Girls Club @ Columbia Park 
  • Boys & Girls Club @ Mission Clubhouse 
  • PI Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Special Education Programs

  • Designated instructional services
  • Resource specialist program
  • Separate classes with a focus on services for deafness and hearing impairment
  • Deaf/HH separate classes (total communication)
Separate classes with a focus on services for deafness and hearing impairment: PreK to 5 (total communication)

Language Programs

  • Spanish

English Plus Pathway, Biliteracy Pathway (Spanish K-5); Dual Language PreK offering Spanish and English instruction.

Student Support Programs

  • 3 Literacy intervention teachers to accelerate reading for students below grade level; 
  • English learner supports: Spanish pathway and English Language development blocks for all ELLs 
  • 2 Instructional coaches to support continuous teacher professional development 
  • Special Education professionals specializing in Deaf/Hard of Hearing, specific learning disabilities and speech therapists 
  • Student Assistance Program /CARE team, which includes Student Assistance Team (SST) and Student Attendance Review Team (SART) to design and implement academic, mental, physical and health support 
  • full time school social worker 
  • full time school nurse 
  • full time elementary advisor 
  • full time family liaison 
  • full time Community Schools Coordinator 
  • mental health collaboration with neighborhood community based organizations, including Jamestown/Excel After School Program,  Instituto Familiar de la Raza and Boys & Girls Club. 
  • Playworks recess enrichment, including Conflict Managers and Junior Coaches. 
  • Mission Promise Neighborhood cohort school with additional community services and supports, such as Family Success Coach to support families experiencing challenges with housing, employment and access to services. 
  • Parent Leadership: English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), PTA, School Site Council, Family Learning Committee

Arts and Enrichment

PreK-5 Visual arts, music and dance; 4th-5th Grade: instrumental music and collaboration with community partners such as 826 Valencia and Streetside Stories. **NEW**Mariachi development Program for 4/5 graders.

School Day Academic Enrichment

Experiential field trips, GATE, Music, Visual Arts, Gardening, Technology lab and integration into classrooms (iPads, laptops, Smartboards), a full service library with full time librarian.