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Wait Pool Process

Participating in the Wait Pool Process

If you would like to continue to participate in the assignment process or would like to apply for a higher-choice school, you may submit a Wait Pool Form for ONE SCHOOL for the Wait Pool Process by June 1, 2018 or by August 17, 2018. Applications submitted for the Wait Pool process will stay active for all assignment runs conducted in June and August, and until the end of the enrollment process which ends on September 1, 2018. 

Any assignment offer to any wait pool school will be final and the process will end. In other words, if you receive an assignment into the school listed on the Wait Pool Form, you may not apply for any other schools. Additionally, any previous school assignment will be canceled if an assignment can be offered from the Wait Pool. There will be no opportunity to choose between the previous school and the Wait Pool assignment offer.

This Wait Pool request will remain active in all Wait Pool assignment runs. To cancel this request, please email the EPC by June 1, 2018 (first wait pool run), or August 17, 2018 (final run) at

Once an assignment for the wait pool school is offered, there will be no opportunity to return to the previous school.

Wait pool dates

  • Offers will be mailed June 20 to families who submitted a wait pool request by June 1

  • Offers will be mailed August 31 to families who submitted a wait pool request by August 17

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