Open Enrollment

About Open Enrollment

Families who have participated in the Main Round or Round 2 but seek a different school than the one they were assigned can participate in Open Enrollment. This enrollment period runs from July 19 through September 3.

How to participate in Open Enrollment:

  1. Interested families will sign up online and be placed in a queue starting July 19. Counselors will call families back in their order in the online queue. We will post more details here closer to those dates, but you can call 415-241-6085 (9 am to 4:30 pm) with questions in the meantime.
  2. After you sign up, a counselor will call you back within 2 business days to help you to review which schools have openings and then enroll you in an open space. All calls will be made in the order the request was received.

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is a first-come, first-serve process where students can enroll immediately into a school. This process is ONLY available for schools with open seats and zero pending Wait Pool requests.

When is the Open Enrollment period and how do I participate?

For School Year 2021-22, Open Enrollment starts at 8:00 a.m. on July 19, 2021 and continues through September 3. Due to COVID-19, our office will not be open for in-person visits. 

To participate, parents/guardians must fill out an online form with their contact information. When the form is submitted, it will be labeled with the date and time of submission (timestamped). Enrollment counselors will then call back parents in order of their timestamps to enroll their child for school. 

What schools will be available in Open Enrollment? Can parents call in to find out about openings?

We will post a list of potential openings here before the Open Enrollment period opens.

Call 415-241-6085 to discuss real-time information on available school openings with a counselor.

How do I fill out the Open Enrollment Form?

This will be an online form that can be completed using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The form will be posted on this page starting at 8:00 a.m. on July 19, 2021, and we'll use it for the week of July 19. After July 23, families can call the EPC for help with Open Enrollment.

If you cannot use the online form, you can get help with completing this form by calling the EPC at 415-241-6085 from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM on July 19, 20, and 21. Staff will help you complete the form over the phone.

  • Our staff will not provide enrollment counseling over the phone during these calls. These calls are only for helping to complete the Open Enrollment Form.
  • All form completed will receive a timestamp, whether completed online or by phone.
  • Counselors will call back all families in the order of their timestamps.

When will EPC counselors call me?

We will call you back in the order of your timestamp within 2 business days. 

If I receive an assignment during Open Enrollment, may I still submit a request for another school?

  • Yes, if you have another assignment received during Open Enrollment (or during the Main Round or Round 2) you may still submit a Wait Pool Request. 
  • You will keep that assignment, unless you receive another assignment through the Wait Pool assignment run.

Do I need to submit documents for Open Enrollment?

  • If you participated in the Main Round or Round 2, then, no; we already have the necessary documents from you.
  • If you are new to SFUSD, or have not participated in the Main Round or Round 2, then, yes, we will need documents. You will have the opportunity to submit them after you complete your Open Enrollment Form.
  • Families who are unable to submit documents online can ask an EPC counselor for other options when the counselor calls you.
  • The documents required are: Parent/Guardian Photo ID, Student Proof of Birth (Birth Certificate or Hospital Record), Proof of Home Address (see acceptable documents here: