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2023-2024 Enrollment Application

Use this form to apply for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Enrollment Application

General Enrollment Application for TK-13: 

You need to submit these required documents along with your General Enrollment Application. 

Lowell Transfer Application (Grades 10-12):

How to Submit

  • Drop Off:
    • Drop off the packet at the Educational Placement Center. See hours and locations
    • Drop off the packet in a secure dropbox (please note that there is no in-person service at these locations)
      • SFUSD District Office lobby at 555 Franklin St (just inside the door)
  • Email: send scan or photos to

2023-2024 Wait Pool Forms

Use this form if you have previously participated in Main Round or Round 2 and want to apply for Wait Pool for 2023-2024.

If you this is your first time applying, please use the TK-13 General Application Form instead.

Before you apply, please read more about Wait Pool

Wait Pool Forms

          English | 中文 | Español | Tiếng Việt Tagalog | العربي 

Submit completed form by:

  • Email: Complete the PDF version of the Wait Pool application and email it to You can also scan or take a photo of your paper application and email it to the same email address. 
  • Drop Off: Drop off your paper application at one of the following locations: 
    • Educational Placement Center. See office locations and hours in Contact Us
    • After business hours, drop off your application in a secure dropbox at the SFUSD Office lobby at 555 Franklin Street (just inside the front door).

2023-2024 Application Revision Form

Use this form to amend the school choices of an enrollment application you previously submitted.

2022-2023 Enrollment Application

Use this form to apply for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Enrollment Application


To submit, please include required documents and: 

  • Drop Off: drop off the packet in a secure dropbox (please note that there is no in-person service at these locations)
    • SFUSD District Office lobby at 555 Franklin St (just inside the door)
  • Email: send scan or photos to

Additional Forms

Below you will find form that you are able to download and print relating to various requests. 

Inter-district permit

This form is for residents of San Francisco who wish to attend school in another district.

  • Inter-district Permit. Students living outside of San Francisco who want to attend an SFUSD school must apply for an inter-district transfer permit in the school district where they live. If the student’s district of residence approves the permit, it will be forwarded to SFUSD for approval.
    English l  Español 

Students must submit an SFUSD enrollment application with their out-of-district address, and the documents needed for SFUSD enrollment. Please attach a copy of the parent's identification.

Please email forms to

Affidavit Forms

Affidavit forms are used when it is difficult to obtain documents due to extenuating circumstances.

  • Affidavit of Birthdate (出生日期宣誓書) (Declaración jurada de la fecha de nacimiento): 
    English | 中文 I Español 
  • Affidavit of Caregiver: This is used when the student is under the care of a caregiver other than parent. Esta forma se usa cuando el estudiante este bajo el cuidado de otra persona que no es legalmente el padre/made.
    English I Español 
  • Affidavit of Residence (居住宣誓書) (Declaración jurada de Residencia)
    English I 中文 I Español

Health Forms

Submit an Emergency Card Form on Family Portal (ParentVUE) to provide SFUSD with your health records and emergency contacts.

For help on how to submit, see How to Complete the Emergency Card Form.

For more information about medical health requirements and to download health forms, please visit Health Requirements for School.

Change of Information

Submit a Change of Information Form to change:

  • Home Address, or Phone Numbers
  • Student Name or Parent/Guardian Name, or
  • Race/Ethnicity 

To change your address you will need to submit required documents and the change of address form to the Educational Placement Center. A Parent/Guardian must provide a picture ID and one (1) proof of home address. 

If you are unable to submit online, PDF forms are available below: 

Please email forms to

School Roster Information Change

This form is used to update a student's name and/or gender marker.

Please email forms to Alana Ramirez,

How to submit applications or forms by paper or PDF

In addition to online methods, you can also submit forms in-person or by drop off: Instructions

This page was last updated on May 23, 2023